Russia's Wealthiest Single Men Stick to Their Wealthy Fathers

Russia's Tatler magazine published the list of 25 of the most desirable, wealthy and nice bachelors of Russia in 2009. The magazine also shared recommendations that would help to win the hearts of the said bachelors. Below are some of the most notable single men in Russia.

1. Alexander Ovechkin (24)

The forward of Washington Capitals, best hockey player of NHL 2009 and the main hope of Russia in Vancouver Alexander Ovechkin topped the list. The most significant obstacle on the way to his heart is the fact that 9 months out of the year he spends in Washington surrounded by female fans with tattoos “OVI.” Tatler suggests the following strategy: wait till June when he comes to Moscow and look for him in "Sunrise" and “Paradise.” He also can be found at all events similar to “Miss Russia.”

2. Alexei Kiselev (27)

The son of the famous TV journalist Evgeny Kisilev. He lived in London for approximately 11 years where he created a fashion brand Kisa.

3. Alexei Kukura (31)

The son of the first Vice President of LUKOIL Sergey Kukura.

5,6,7 places are taken by Nikolai, Eduard and Vladimir Sarkisov (23, 20, and 18, respectively). Nikolai Sarkisov is the son of the owner of "RESO" Sergey Sarkisov. Eduard and Vladimir Sarkisov are heirs of the millions of the other owner of "RESO" Nikolai Sarkisov.

8. Rodion Gazmanov (29)

The son of a popular singer Oleg Gazmanov. At age 8 Rodion sang his first song that became a big hit in the USSR. Now he owns a company Dominanta that promotes nanotechnologies for the agriculture.

9. Arkady Bizer

A young composer who moved to Baden-Baden 9 years ago. He graduated from two conservatories in piano and bassoon, and is now a fresh breath in the Russian show business.

10. Alexei German junior (33)

Second generation movie director. His film “Paper Soldier” was awarded a “Silver Lion” at the festival in Venice in 2008.

12. Pavel Volya (30)

Comedy Club Resident, a stand-up comedian, song-writer, singer and actor.

13. Boris Yeltsin (28)

 A grandson of the first Russian President, creative director of Spletnik Creative Media that promotes Internet projects, including

15. Oleg Baibakov (42)

The President of "ONEKSIMdevelopment", a companion and friend of Mikhail Prokhorov and a collector.

17. Timaty (26)

Russia’s first r'n'b singer and the son of oligarch Ildar Yunusov. His biggest pet peeve is smoking. According to Tatler, the singer lives a very healthful lifestyle.

25. Dmitry Sychev (26)

The forward of Moscow Lokomotiv rounds out the rating. He meets girls in bars, clubs, and sometimes even stores.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov