Lightning Can Open Doors to Parallel Worlds

Approximately 10 years ago, children began to disappear from an amusement park of the British town of Kent. The kids would enter the hall of mirrors and never came out.

The local police r an of f their legs. Recently, a psychic lady announced that she knew where the kids were. According to her, there was a door to the other world behind one of the mirrors in the amusement park.

We live in a 3-D space where everything is measured by height, width and length, and we are only capable of thinking within these limits. We know that one dimension is an endless straight line. We can easily imagine two dimensions – a subspace, or plain surface, and we can see three usual dimensions around. Yet, even academic science acknowledges that there are more dimensions out there.

There is the so-called “string theory” popular in contemporary physics. It is very difficult to understand, but it admits the existence of other dimensions.

“There can be up to 26 dimensions, but they are sort of folded, so we cannot see them. We have not managed to find them through experiments either,” explained Aleksey Basilevich, Doctor of Physics.

If the fourth and other dimensions exist, where do they lead? They lead to the place that we normally call the parallel world. It is easy to imagine. Imagine you live in a two-dimensional subspace, and you have no idea that this space crosses an endless number of other subspaces. At some of the crossing lines your two-dimensional figure can accidentally penetrate another space. The same is true for parallel worlds.

In 1931, Charles Fort, American researcher, introduced the term “teleportation spaces.”

These were areas where sudden teleportation was possible and where the “doors” to parallel worlds open. According to various versions, these are the places where UFOs, goblins, ghosts and other creatures come from. But if the doors open, it is not ruled out that it is possible to enter the other side. Proponents of anomalies are convinced that thousands of missing people could be found in the parallel world.

There are plenty of witnesses who allegedly traveled to other worlds. It is everyone’s personal business whether these people are to be trusted. Tatyana Faminskaya, a UFO researcher, said that she experienced teleportation twice in one of Moscow anomalous zones. She could not feel the process of teleportation, but she would find herself in a place with a different landscape. Another story was told by Lidia Nikolaeva from Novy Byt village. She said that she was picking mushrooms in a forest and felt a slight jab in her heart. She immediately found herself at a deserted church, 3.3 miles from the place she was before. Faminskaya believes that teleportation is possible because of cracks in Earth crust that make the reality unstable.

“Doors” to the parallel world can be open by lightning since it has enormous energy. Irina Tsareva, a member of “Phenomenon” committee that studies anomalies, told the following story. Once, three friends went fishing near Saint Petersburg. On the way, their car was hit by a lightning, went into a ditch and hit a pine tree. The friends noticed a village house near the road that they have not seen before. An old lady who lived in the house let them in, and fed them dinner. At night, they laid on the floor. When the friends woke up in the morning, they were lying on grass and there was no house nearby. Their crashed car was found under the same tree.

“There were many cases when people encountered invisible obstacles that felt like transparent walls. In old times such places were called devil’s spots. In Russia they can be found near the city of Tula, on the bank of the Upa River. People say that some encountered dense air pockets, and those who dared step inside of them never came back,” says Vadim Chebrov, coordinator of “Cosmopoisk” scientific society.

Meanwhile, scientists still hope that they can implement teleportation in reality. Konstantin Leshan , editor of a scientific journal, has no doubts that the process can be very useful.

“Teleportation has the highest known speed. It will change our planet. Teleportation does not require oil. Number of planes, cars and train can be significantly reduced, and the ecology will be better. The more scientists are involved, the faster we will create a teleporting device.

Obviously, such a development requires money. Maybe world scientific community should chip in the same way they chipped in for the Large Hadron Collider.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov