Mariah Carey's Brain Made of White Kittens and Flying Rats

Both Great Britain and the US have the tradition to install Christmas trees in large shopping malls. Usually a media person is invited to switch on the Christmas lights. When the owners of Westfield Shopping Center decided to invite Mariah Carey for this mission they had no idea what they were in for.

The singer agreed to fly to London and turn on the lights, but announced requirements that made the organizers clutch their heads.

First of all, she had to be driven in a Rolls Royce (during the negotiation the type of car was changed six times). She had to walk on a pink carpet to a pink catwalk near the tree so she could stand on it, wave her magic wand and turn on the lights. At the end, she had to be showered with pink confetti shaped like butterflies. Besides, Mariah Carey demanded that she was accompanied by 15 staff members and 80 security guards. The last drop that infuriated the organizers was her request to provide 20 white kittens to surround her on the stage and a hundred of white pigeons she could let go into the sky.

First of all, it was impossible to find that many perfectly white kittens. Second, the exhausted agents announced that the presence of animals on the trade floor was strictly prohibited due to safety regulations. It was the only request that the organizers could say “no” to.

A few days before her London visit, Carey pissed off This Morning’s show host Phillip Schofield. She was an hour late for her scheduled interview because she did not know what to wear. The journalist left the following comment on Twitter: “She was subtly apologetic for being an hour late and yes, an entourage the size of Denmark.”

The songstress herself does not think that her behavior is special. In her recent interview with Hello magazine, she said that she had no idea why people thought she was demanding. She added that she saw nothing surprising about the fact that her dogs she had a shoot with for an ad campaign had their own assistants. She explained that her pets were used to the same luxury she was used to, and that her entourage deserved to have their own entourage.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov