Toxic Shrimp Boost Potency

A new way of enhancing viral strength was discovered in Transbaikalia (Zabaikalye), Russia. Unique shrimp were found in effluent waters of Umykeisky Lakes. After eating the shrimp, men boast unusual capabilities when it comes to intimacy.

Yuri Kuzmin, a lawmaker of the municipal district Krasnokamensk, was the first official to try the shrimp. “Lately, I’ve been hearing about the shrimp that fishermen catch in Umykeisky Lakes. I was doubtful about it since shrimp is a sea shellfish. However, more and more people told me that they catch and eat the shrimp. I decided to check it myself and went to the lake. There were many cars on the shore, and I met someone I know among the fishermen. He showed me the shrimp he caught,” Kuzmin told in an interview to the Extra newspaper.

The official took a picture of the natural wonder. He was prepared to show the shrimp to biologists to find out their opinion.

A journalist from who also visited Umykeisky Lakes heard conflicting information from local fishermen. Some of the fishermen said that in the morning they found an old net with several shrimp in it, but threw them back into the water.

Other ones said that they never heard about local shrimp and that they were only interested in carp that is abundant in the lakes. As it turned out later, most of the fishermen had no idea what shrimp looks like.

The most surprising thing is that people eat fish and shrimp caught in these lakes in the first place. Everyone knows that all sewage waters of the city go into the local lakes.

According to Tatyana Kushitashvili, deputy director of the regional sanitary inspection department, fish caught in Umykeisky Lakes must not be eaten under any circumstances.

“These lakes contain wastewater from the city industrial facilities, mines, and the local thermal power plant. Back in 2000, an institute in Novosibirsk examined the fish fauna of the lakes (fins, gills and scales of carp). The examination revealed high concentration of many elements, including toxic ones. In the last few years the amount of toxins in the water increased. Besides, wastewaters contain agents of diarrhea and other dangerous infections, including cholera.”

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov