World's Strongest Anomalous Zone Produces Inexplicable for NASA Radiation

Pokaini forest is located not far from Riga, Latvia. In 1996 Ivar Viks, a scientist from Riga, told journalists about strange meteorological anomalies and mysterious features of local rocks. This information brought up multiple discussions. It turned out that there were many other mysterious things happening there that could only be explained by supernatural.

Soon after Vicks’s conversation with the journalists, he passed away from an unknown disease. Yevgeny Sidorov, another Latvian scientist, continued the research. He found out that Pokaini forest was a place of pilgrimage for many tourists attracted by rumors about healing power of this place.

The place is indeed, mysterious. The terrain is hilly, there are exactly 30 hills. Oaks have foliage on one side only. The rocks, however, are the main mystery. No one can tell where they came from. The most popular legend says that the rocks were brought by pilgrims who used to come from all over Europe as a symbol of liberation from sins.

In old times Pokainski forest was considered an unusual, sacred place. Many legends are connected with it. They say that it was a meeting place of thirty druids, where each druid controlled the weather from his own hill. Local residents say that the weather here is always beautiful. Even if it rains or snows in the vicinity, the forest is always sunny. The researchers confirm this observation.

Another legend says that some strange object is hidden under one of the rocks. Some say it is a radioactive meteorite; some are convinced it is an ancient tomb. The rocks on the hill called Zikkurat face the four parts of the world. It looks like the rocks used to serve as a compass.

Archeologists who conducted excavations have not found any burials. Yanis Graudonis, a local historian, believes the theory about sacredness of the forest to be utter nonsense, and that the rocks were brought by peasants who removed them from their fields. Another theory says that the rocks were brought to Pokaini for construction of a castle that was never built. However, there is no evidence to these theories.

The “sacred” theory, however, has plenty of evidence. The first one is a temperature anomaly. Many rocks are warm to touch and have healing abilities. Some rocks cure joint diseases, some cure osteochondrosis, and other cure gynecological diseases. There are also “dangerous” rocks that cause negative consequences if touched. Sometimes tourists would take a rock with them and later regret as they would become victims of diseases or even accidents.

Another anomaly is on a meadow, under an old pine tree. The temperature at this spot is always higher than that of the environment. The warmth spreads all over the body from under the ground heating people even in the coldest weather.

The so-called Valley of Spirits is also located in Pokaini forest. It is “visited” by strange lit-up balls invisible to a naked eye but appearing on photographs.

Researchers from Latvian center Ufolats named the balls GOUG “globous objects of unknown genesis.” Yevgeniy Sidorov believes that lit-up UFOs may be intelligent.

Psychics, contactors and yoga practitioners sometimes managed to “call” a UFO through the meditation and take pictures of it. This confirms the version of the intelligent nature of the objects.

There are also “classical” anomalies. Various technical devices often break in the forest, and wrist watches and compasses give wrong information. Despite the expectations, the radiation level is within limits.

According to Jim Hurtock, an American professor who visited this place in the mid 1970s, NASA sputniks found a strange illumination in the area. Its diameter was 350 kilometers and the epicenter was located in Pokaini. There is no other place in the world with the energy field of this size.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov