Women Create Their Gigolos Themselves

Tamara, age 28, has never touched a large sum of money. Most of her life she was taking care of her grandmas and aunties while studying at an Institute. Having received large inheritance, the young girl nearly got into trouble.

Tamara loved her family. She enjoyed taking care of her numerous old relatives who adored her. Everything was well – she was a student and had a boyfriend named Alexander.

Suddenly everything went wrong when Tamara’s relatives started dying one after another. First it was her grandma, then her aunt and great-uncle. Her other aunt got paralyzed.

Tamara and her mother were overwhelmed by grief. Alexander, however, did not support his girlfriend since he was convinced that she should have taken care of him and not her relatives. Tamara could not forgive him such attitude and suggested they should break up.

Time went by, and Tamara got tired of tears and loneliness. She decided to start a new life. Her and her mother sold the apartment of one of their relatives and bought a nice new car. Then they went travelling.

At this time Alexander suddenly reappeared. It turned out he was not willing to let go of his girlfriend. Tamara, however, decided to put off this serious conversation until she came back from her trip. She was still under the impression of her travels and new car, and truly considered herself a well-off person.

“First I was offended, and then I was still overwhelmed by the trip. I wanted to start a new life,” Tamara explained to the Desnitsa newspaper.

Once Tamara went to a café with her girlfriends. When her car approached the building she saw a handsome young man and immediately liked him. The young man, named Kir, also noticed a stranger in a luxury car. He soon joined the girls at their table.

“I don’t know why, but I started telling Kir of my last vacation. That’s exactly how I said it, “my last vacation”, as if I go abroad every year. And I went on talking as if I was a rich heir who doesn’t know what to do with her multiple apartments. I guess I was too absorbed in playing a rich princess,” Tamara says.

Tamara was so engrossed in her new relationship that she completely forgot about her ex-boyfriend. At some point, however, Kir stopped paying for Tamara in restaurants and giving her presents. At times Tamara thought that Kir was used to living at women’s expense.

Once, Kir called Tamara in the middle of the night. Without explanations he demanded her to give him $2,000. Tamara decided to sell her car to help her boyfriend out. Tamara’s mother, however, was not that naive and suggested that her daughter puts her boyfriend’s feelings to test.

Next day Tamara invited Kir over to meet her mother. Kir was there in 15 minutes. Tamara handed him an envelope stuffed with paper. “Here is your money. We had to sell the car,” she said. “Are you poor?” Kir was obviously disappointed. He took the envelope and disappeared for good.

Tamara realized her mistake and decided to get Alexander back into her life. They are currently rebuilding their relationship. Now Tamara’s boyfriend is much more sensitive to the troubles of his girlfriend’s relatives.

What happened to Tamara is not that rare, and her young age and naiveté have little to do with it. Even wise and experienced ladies sometimes support gigolos for years without even knowing.

Sergey Byshlyago, Doctor of Psychological Science, Assistant Professor of the Department of Social Psychology of the Irkutsk State University told the Pyatnitsa newspaper how to recognize a gigolo.

“Gigolos are completely degraded men who hide their fears behind nice words and tell beautiful and, interestingly, expected lies. Gigolos and their victims are there for each other, and as soon as a woman decides she is open to gigolos, they magically appear. There is a reason to everything, and if you want to be deceived, you will have no problem at all finding people who are willing to deceive you. Women create their gigolos themselves,” the expert concluded.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov