Men Wearing Dirty Underwear Never Deserve Women's Attention

They say in Russia that every man must do three things in his life: plant a tree, build a house and raise a son. Needless to say that doing these three things is not enough at all, especially for a modern man living in the modern world – many women would agree.

So, a man must be able to do the following things in his life:

Clean his home. He will need: a vacuum-cleaner, a broom, a duster, a bucket of water and patience.
Create romantic atmosphere, especially when expecting a woman as a guest. Pick up cigarette butts and empty beer cans, clean up the dust, light some candles and put lounge music on.

Undo her bra. One should at first find out how to remove it for modern bras can be undone on both the front and the back.

Make a tie knot. Every man must know how to make a tie knot, how to wear a suit and a tie. If a man does not have a decent suit in his wardrobe – he is not a man. He is a looser.

Clean his clothes. Dirty men’s underwear makes women vomit . Dirty men’s socks make women vomit. A man wearing dirty clothes makes everyone develop similar feelings.

A real man must have a fine bar at his home. Get a selection of fine strong and soft alcohol drinks that would be good for all occasions.

Give flowers to woman. A man must know how to choose flowers for his girlfriend. It is wrong to think that red roses are good for every woman. Try to find out which flowers a girl likes before giving her a bouquet.

A man must surprise his woman with breakfast in bed – at least once in a lifetime. Eggs, some bread and a glass of juice – she will never forget that.

Finally, every man must always be a gentleman. It is easier than many men may think.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov