Two Women Try to Sell Their Daughters' Virginity

The investigation into an offer to sell young women’s virginity – the offer appeared on a Russian online discussion board - resulted in an immense scandal. It became known as a result of the investigation that it was young women’s mothers that were selling their daughters’ virginity.

Two adult women learnt from their acquaintances that virginity was highly valued then and that they could receive very good money from wealthy men willing to pay for a sexual experience with a virgin.

The first woman, Maria G. (42), was offered the price of 200,000 rubles ($6,000) for her 16-year-old daughter’s virginity. The other woman, Svetlana K (35), was offered even a bigger price – 400,000 rubles ($12,000), for her 13-year-old daughter’s virginity.

Both mothers confessed later, that they had been first shocked by such offers. They could not even imagine that one night of sex could cost so much. The mother of 16-year-old, named only as Polina, personally brought her daughter to the client for the sake of money.

Maria G. even claimed that if she were not so old, she would restore her own virginity and put it up for sale.

Maria says that she needed that money to pay her debts. She was also going to save a part of the sum as a marriage dowry for her daughter’s future wedding.

The mother of 13-year-old girl named as Alyona claimed that her father raped her, when she was 12, her elder daughter was wronged by criminals when she was 13, therefore the mother found nothing terrible in her action.

The two women did not even think of the psychological damage that they were causing to their children.

The girls could not even think that they would be taken to men who only wanted to have sex with them. The two schoolgirls thought that their mothers had managed to conclude profitable photo contracts.

The two adult women may now be sentenced to up to ten years for their greedy initiatives.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov