Women Sneezed and Used Crocodile Dung to Avoid Pregnancy in Ancient Times

Men can commit insane acts for the sake of love, while women are able to do crazy things to avoid consequences. Humans have been taking great efforts for ages to design something that could help them enjoy sex and prevent pregnancy.

The first condom appeared in the 10th century B.C. However, the humanity turned to this contraceptive again only thousands of years later.

One of the earliest recorded birth control methods was used by women in ancient Egypt. Women inserted crocodile dung into the vagina as spermicidal gel to help block sperm. During the 2nd century A.D., Greek gynecologist Soranus of Ephesus advised women to spread substances such as ginger or pomegranate around the vagina to kill sperm and prevent pregnancy.

Besides the use of foodstuffs Soranus recommended women to squat down immediately after coitus and sneeze as strong as they could. A good sneeze, Soranus believed, would push all liquid out. Thus the Greek doctor invented postcoital contraception, though at that moment it was ineffective.

As soon as women invented tampons, someone decided to use the same remedy as a contraceptive device. As a result, women all over the world began to insert various items into their cervixes. However, such experiments resulted in injuries and contamination of the internals and in the end - in infertility.

African women used grass or pieces of fabric as uterine blockers, Japanese geishas applied bamboo paper and the women from the Mediterranean region preferred sea sponges preliminary saturated with lemon juice or essence.

The Italian doctor Gabriello Fallopius was the first to develop and record the description of a linen condom. Initially the linen sheath was intended as a protection from syphilis, but not as a contraceptive.

The first condoms were made of animal intestines, leather and skin around that period.

However, this contraceptive was very expensive, and it was very difficult to obtain it. Even after Goodyear developed rubber and this led to a big development in the production of condoms. Many countries prohibited advertising these products.

As a result, it was extremely difficult to buy condoms, those who succeeded, had to use them more than once.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov