British Queen Swaps Her Rolls-Royce for Toyota Prius to Save Money

The world financial crisis affected even the aristocracy of the Old World. The cost of the Dominions of the British Monarchy has reduced by one billion pounds. The state pays the Queen and her family a fixed rent, a part of which is spent on transportation charges. With a view to economize, the government recently decided to reduce the Royal Flight. Queen Elizabeth can not afford buying a new jet plane, therefore the decision was to purchase a smaller plane.

The prices for gasoline are high in Europe, that is why the British Queen had to change a Rolls-Royce for an economic Toyota Prius.

Most European aristocrats endeavour to find pastimes at home instead of visiting fashionable seaside resorts.

The Crown Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall visited an airfield in Suffolk to honour Army helicopter crews who fought in Afghanistan. Prince Charles addressed to the soldiers from the cockpit of an Apache helicopter, and thanked the soldiers for their support when his son, Prince Harry, was serving in the war zone.

Many British aristocrats and celebrities visited Cartier Polo 25th Year Anniversary at Windsor Great Park last week. Among the celebrities attending the pageant were Neve Campell, Anna Friel and ex Spice Girl Gerri Halliwell, accompanied by her boyfriend from the family of great antiquity, Henry Beckwith.

The Belgian Crown Prince Philip, his bride Princess Mathilda and their children are enjoying their summertime in Spain. They were deeply impressed walking the whole day about the national Park Paradiso and watching various domestic animals.

Albert II, Prince of Monaco, makes use of his Dominion. He has no need to go somewhere for summertime. The Prince promenaded with his girlfriend Charleen Wittstock about the beach in Saint-Tropez.

Some persons of distinction have such personal concerns that the crisis seems a fairytale in comparison to them.

A Saudi princess gave birth to illegitimate child of her British lover. She had to apply for asylum claiming she would be stoned to death if she returned home to the ultra conservative Muslim country.

Haakon, the Crown Prince of Norway and his family lead an unpretentious way of life. They spend each summer in a nice house in a village.

Contrary to many other European aristocrats, Frederik, the Crown Prince of Denmark and his wife Mary, enjoy the summertime on a fashionable seaside resort Porto-Cervo in Sardinia.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov