Sporadic Prostitutes Conquer Moscow

Russia's Institute for Social Research said in the beginning of the year that many Russian women (five million) would have to walk the streets because of the economic crisis and the growth of the unemployment rate. The researchers dubbed the phenomenon as ‘sporadic prostitution.’ The term means that a woman may make her living as a prostitute two or three times a week and stay a respectable woman during the rest of her time. ‘Sporadic prostitutes’ do not intend to save money – they do it when they look for jobs or when they need cash before they get paid at work.

Many Russian officials say that there are no prostitutes in Russia because there is no law that would regulate prostitution as a source of income. However, if one googles for “prostitutes Moscow” it turns out that there are at least 200,000 of them in Moscow alone.

‘Sporadic prostitutes’ can easily be seen among many other photos of scantily clothed women looking like porcelain dolls.

“Why do I have to spend anything on a photo shoot if I am not going to be a prostitute for a long time? I need to make some money for my summer holidays and that’s it,” a woman, who introduced herself as Evelina said.

The effect that sporadic prostitutes produce among their clients – “I’d never thought that you’re a prostitute” – attract clients’ attention. Moreover, many men are ready to pay more than they do visiting a regular brothel.

“They are different than usual prostitutes. Their profession does not affect them, there are no signs of immorality in them. She is just a girl next door. This feeling attracts men,” sociologist Elena Fedotkina says. “However, women can be attracted to this occupation which can make many of them go straight to the bottom afterwards,” the specialist said.

Why do women become prostitutes?

34% - poverty
17% - impossible to explain
14% - a wish to lead careless lifestyle
14% - no other choice
9% - loose conduct
6% - unemployment
6% - natural predisposition

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov