Men Lose Interest in Women's Virginity and Prefer to Avoid Modern-Day Virgins

Selling virginity has been gaining more popularity nowadays. Numerous online ads for potential deflorators do not surprise anyone now. Not so long a German student Alina Percea, who auctioned off her virginity, was ordered to pay taxes for such an endeavor.

Everyone is free to do whatever they want with their own body. However, the general public condemns the young women who sell their “first time.”

Modern women do not treasure their virginity. Moreover, as experience shows, men do not value women’s virginity either.

One can find many discussion boards on the Internet, where girls discuss the problem of virginity. The most recurrent phrases are: “Girls, I’m already 20 and I have had no sex!” or “We got together with a boy, but he left me as soon as he knew that I was a virgin.”

For some reason many people consider that virgins are guilty of their innocence themselves as they are too cold-hearted, but no one tries to see the reason with men.

Virginity was not such a problem before, sexologists say. Nowadays, very few people have their first time only after their wedding. And very few males are ready to take such a responsibility: to be the first man for a woman. After all it requires special delicacy and care. As a rule, most men dream of the kind of sex that they see in adult movies. They are frightened that they may hurt a woman during the process, so they want to avoid problems. Moreover, modern lifestyle with its stresses and bad ecology adds more fuel to the fire.

Young men prefer experienced women who can teach them something. As a result virgins find themselves neglected.

For some reason men feel too cautious and unconfident when it comes to having a relationship with a virgin. It especially concerns so-called late virgins – the women who lose their virginity at 25-27. Only a small percentage of those who “wait for a prince on a white horse” manage to have a family. The majority of such women remain lonely, though.

Many young women used to have their first sexual experience either with their peers of 17-20 years of age, or with older men, aged 30-35. The current situation is different. Innocent women in their “ripe years” prefer to have their first experience with 16-year-old boys. Younger women usually bid farewell to their innocence with experienced men in their forties and fifties.

The saddest thing is that those who look for their love on the Internet may come across dissolute bullies offering their assistance in selling women’s virginity.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov