Goethe instead of validol - 11 September, 2002

Swiss doctor Dietrich von Bonina and German cardiologist Henrick Betterman have completed a joint investigation results of which prove that art can cure man’s heart better than any medicines. The doctors say that “a dose of art” can cure as perfectly as a heart pill.

It is an open secret that classical music is favorable for all organisms, the human organism including. And hard rock is said to be destructive for the heart rhythm of too sensitive people.
The recent investigation  reveals that verses can immediately cure heart disorders. The experiment was carried out by a Swiss doctor who is a great lover of the German poetry. At that, the experiment revealed that any verse is favorable for the human heart and normalizes the rhythm when it is read aloud. What is of particular interest, verses by Goethe, Heine and Rilke are said  to be better than medicines for the human heart.

Results of this serious investigation, which was done really very professionally, are published in the influential medicine edition, International Journal of Cardiology. However, it is very likely that German poetry is really very healing for the hearts of Germans only. Verses by Pushkin, Yesenin, Tarkovsky, Brodsky, Tsvetayeva and certainly, Anna Akhmatova will suit Russians better.

Yelena Kiseleva

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Author`s name Michael Simpson