Chinese Boy Drinks Petrol to Become Transformer Robot

A Chinese boy has been drinking petrol for five years to become a robot- transformer. The idea to drink petrol everyday came over the boy, after he watched “Transformers” where intelligent robots were at war with each other. The boy decided to become one of them, and, by his opinion, petrol drinking could help him achieve the goal.

At the start the boy drank the fuel from cigarette lighters, which he would steal from his parents’ small shop. Later on he started emptying his father’s scooter. In the end he began stealing petrol from the automobiles parked in the streets. The neighbours noticed him doing that, and the case took air.

The boy’s father said that his son drank about three liters of petrol a day which badly affected the boy’s intellectual abilities. Previously he was a quick-witted boy, but for the five years that he was drinking fuel he turned stupid.

Doctors promise to help the boy get rid of his addiction, though they will be unable to recover his health.

An expert of toxicology with the Russian Ministry of Health said that even a glass of petrol would be a fatal dose for the human liver. The expert doubts that the boy can drink liters of petrol and stay alive, that’s why a three-liter portion of fuel is a fantastic overstatement. It is obvious that the boy has a predisposition to toxicomania, otherwise he even would be unable to inhale the petrol vapour.

Toxins deteriorate liver, first and foremost, and then damage intellectual, reflective abilities and memory, reflective abilities and memory. Taking into account the fact that the desire to become a transformer robot played a crucial role in the development of the addiction, one can speak of mental abnormalities, the expert said.

Even if the boy survives and stops drinking petrol, it will be impossible to retrieve his physical and mental health after five years of petrol drinking, the official added.

Komsomolskaya Pravda

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov