Russian Woman with Two Wombs Gives Birth to Healthy Child

Olga Basalgina, a pregnant woman, from the Russian city of Perm proved to have two wombs. However, the woman gave birth to a healthy baby.

Doctors detected that the unique constitution of the woman’s reproductive organ would enable her to become pregnant up to the great age.

21-years-old Olga Basalgina learned about the extraordinary anatomy of her body only after she became pregnant.

A gynecologist was struck to find two wombs with a child gestating in one of them. The doctor reassured the woman that they would do their best to help the young mother.

Over the whole pregnancy period the doctors attentively observed the would-be mother. The doctors of the maternity hospital of the city of Perm said that it was the first time they came across such a case in their practice. They knew about the possibility of having two reproductive organs only from medical books.

The doctors even had to seek advice with their colleagues from Moscow to get a detailed consultation. They eventually came to a decision to perform a Caesarean section on the woman.

The operation was a success. Olga delivered a healthy boy weighing 3,460 grams and 53 centimeters tall.

Despite the complicated delivery the doctors took a decision not to remove the second womb. As the doctors explained, the unusual anatomy of the woman’s uterus would enable her to stay a childbearing woman up to the great age.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov