Doctors reattach man's hand after he chops it off

Russian microsurgeons worked a miracle. They reattached the man's hand ten hours later after he chopped it off himself.

It took the microsurgeons more than eight hours to carry out the operation on Sergey Burnaikin, 45, who chopped his right hand off during the incident with a steel cable.

Sergey was helping another tractor driver to pull the tractor which had got stuck in the field. He was given a metal cable to connect the tractor with the other one which they were going to use as a tow. When Sergey almost finished connecting the cable the other driver accidentally pushed the gas pedal.

The steel cable squeezed the man's right hand. The loop smashed the bones and sinews.

Now Sergey recollects the pain he had to suffer with little emotions.

“I had a prophetic dream before the incident – my hand got stuck in some mechanism. And in my dream I managed to free my hand from the steel trap. When it happened in real life my heart told me to cut the hand off. The doctors would definitely reattach it. That is why I did it,” says Sergey.

Sergey’s friends who ran up to him once they heard his cries tried to get him out of the trap but without any success. Losing his consciousness due to irresistible pain Sergey whispered to his friends: “Chop my hand off!”

One of the drivers waved the axe and chopped the hand off.

Two hours later Sergey was delivered to the nearest hospital, Life.Ru reports.

“The operation lasted for eight hours. Fortunately, we managed to reconnect the veins and the sinews in time. It was the first time when we performed such a difficult operation at our hospital. The patient's hand became three centimetres shorter. We had to remove the part smashed by the cable loop,” says Leonid Afanasev, a microsurgeon of the hospital.

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Author`s name Alex Naumov