Fidel Castro's son develops online relationship with Cuban man

Dating websites enjoy a doubtful reputation all over the world. Here is a typical story. A lonely young man corresponds with a pretty blonde online, but he later discovers that she is not pretty at all or, what is even worse, that she is not a woman at all.

When Fidel Castro’s son received a first message from a beautiful girl from Columbia, he was not surprised at all. The 27-year-old journalist introduced herself as Claudia and asked him several questions about his work. Antonio Castro is an orthopedic surgeon by profession. He also serves as the vice president of Cuba’s Baseball Federation.

Claudia and Antonio began to correspond with each other, gradually moving to discussing their private matters. Most likely, it happened because of Antonio’s passion for blondes: the woman looked very attractive on the picture which she had sent him.

The private life of the Castros is a mystery for all. Each of Fidel Castro’s children (the iconic Cuban leader officially recognized seven of them) follow this rule strictly. Cuban state-run media are forbidden to distribute any information about Castro’s family and their whereabouts for safety reasons.

Antonio developed a great affection to the Columbian journalist. He lost control over himself and shared the details of his everyday life with the young woman. He told her of his trip abroad with uncle Raul, about his holidays in Cuba, etc. Antonio was shocked to find out that he was developing the online romantic relationship with a Miami-based Cuban blogger. Luis Dominguez tried the virtual image of a blonde woman to reach Antonio’s secrets. Castro’s son swallowed the bait.

The blogger posted his correspondence with Antonio Castro on his online diary eight months later. Dominguez said that he wanted to show everyone the luxury lifestyle of the Cuban elite. He does not intend to apologize to Antonio for interfering into his private life.

The Cuban authorities did not react to the publication of the diary: Antonio was wise enough not to disclose any state secrets.

It is not the first time when Antonio set up his family because of his love affairs. In 2002, Dashiell Torralba, an ex-relative of the Castros, sold a home video to US media for $100,000. The footage depicted Fidel’s big family getting ready for dinner.

The leader of the Island of Freedom was shown on the tape selecting expensive tableware, walking about the rich interiors of his house or resting comfortably in his beautiful garden. Torralba said that she had stolen the tape to take revenge on Fidel’s 76-year-old wife, who supposedly made her son, Antonio, break up with her because her uncle, Cuba’s Minister for Transport, was repressed in 1998.

Dashiell discredited her family again six years later when she appeared in an adult film. The explicit movie, titled “Language Barrier” sparked controversy not only in Cuba , but in the rest of the world too.

Torralba played a Cuban female, who arrived for a job interview in the United States. When she visits the office of her potential employer, it turns out that her character, Rocio Marrero, does not speak English. The employer offers the woman a way out of the situation and promises her a job in return to sexual favors.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov