Cats mother six pug-puppies

Two cats raise six pug-puppies feeding them with their milk. Zlata, the pug-mother, lost all her milk after complicated delivery. So the puppies found themselves in danger of dying of hunger.

“I have never seen such friendship and self-sacrifice between the pets,” says Tatiana Fedorovskaya, the owner of the animals.

After Zlata lost her milk and the puppies started whining of hunger, the cats came to the rescue. Two cats, Musya and Markiza, followed their parental instinct and started looking after the puppies.

“It didn’t take the cats long to become the best mothers for the six puppies. When one of the puppies starts whining cats are already there,” Tatiana smiles.

Musya and Markiza got used to their adopted cubs so much that they even sometimes do not allow Zlata to come up to them.

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Pravda.Ru previously published the story about the cat which mothered fox-cubs.

To save the fox-cub from death, the zoo staff in the Russian town of Nizhni Novgorod decided to put the animal under cat Pusya that just gave birth to 4 kittens.

Surprisingly enough, the cat didn’t turn down the fox. Moreover, at first it refused to feed its descendants so that the fox-cub could get more milk.

In contrast to kittens, the fox already eats meat, fish and goes for a walk. Two months later the fox will be transported to the cages with other foxes.

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