Hunters may have found cave civilization of ancient hominid creatures

Residents of Russia’s Kemerovo region informed the local authorities of frequent encounters with mysterious anthropoid creatures in the mountains. The Kemerovo government decided to organize a mission to explore the nearby mountainous territories.

Local hunters said that they had encountered protohuman creatures in the area of the Azassky Case, which is 60 kilometers far from the regional center, reports. The men said that those were well-built creatures that looked like brown bears from afar. The hunters could see from their traces that the creatures had toes and were about two meters in height. They are covered with body fur and can climb trees very well.

The local administration has received over 20 written statements from hunters with a request to investigate the existence of anthropoid creatures in the local woods. The people wrote that the creatures may attack the residents of nearby villages.

The scientific expedition is supposed to either confirm or reject the evidence from local residents and hunters. Scientists say that the creatures may actually be hominid mammals that somehow survived from primeval times.

It is very difficult to reach the locations where the sub-human creatures may live. The Azassky Cave is very hard to reach especially in winter time: it is possible to go there only by snowmobile and only with the help of a local guide.

The Azassky Cave is a very long natural formation that goes several kilometers deep into the mountains. The cave was named after the picturesque stream, Azas, that flows out of the rocks. Archeologists found three settlements of the Bronze Age and a unique settlement of ancient metal-makers in the town of Ust-Kabyrza , which is located not very far from the cave, officials of the local administration said.

Needless to say that reports about mysterious ape-like creatures appear on a regular basis. The majority of them prove to be hoaxes. For example, residents of one of the regions of Belarus said that they had seen a weird humanoid in the woods last summer. The local police believed that it could be a degraded homeless individual. However, the “eye-winsesses” later said that they had set the rumors afloat to scare off their mushroom-picking rivals.

Source: agencies

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov