Spain declassifies UFO crash report

Fragments of an unidentified flying object fell down on the territory of Spain in 1965. The USA took them for the debris of the Soviet Vostok booster rocket and asked for adequate documents and materials from the USSR, which they subsequently received. Now Spain has declassified the US report about the incident.

It goes about report No. T67 94769, which contains eyewitnesses’ account of flashes of light which appeared in the sky on December 6, 1965, and about the finding of 14 units of one or several space objects of unknown origin in Badajoz and Sevilla.

The fragments were found scattered on the territory of 100 kilometers. As soon as reports about the incident appeared in the local press, the US Embassy in Madrid sent a note to then-leader of Spain, Francisco Franco, with a request to send the file to the USA. Franco complied with the request in return to the information about the results of the research.

Vicente Juan Ballester Olmos, an investigator on the case and the only officially known person, who had access to all materials of the case, said in an interview with El Mundo newspaper that the report would soon be published on the internet.

The US-based Battelle Memorial Institute presented the 300-page report about the examination of five metallic bodies of space origin in June 1967. The front page of the report indicated that it was a top secret document prepared exclusively for the government of Spain. The document excluded any opportunity of declassification and said that its content posed a threat to the national security of the United States of America.

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Even the renowned Roswell case, which investigates the UFO crash in the USA in 1947 and contains the alien autopsy report, did not have such a high level of secrecy.

Report No. T67 94769 substantiates the existence of ufology. However, none of the five reports pertaining to the crashes of UFOs in Spain in 1965 confirmed the extraterrestrial origin of the fragments, Olmos said.

“If the defense ministry does not declassify the documents about possible contacts with UFOs, it means that the conclusions that were made did not favor that version. The found fragments were the parts of the USSR’s Vostok booster rocket in this particular case,” said Vicente Olmos, who was the only civil person to participate in the declassification of the case between 1990 and 1999.

He said that the Soviet Union announced the last launch of its Vostok rocket on March 18, 1965 . According to this version, the fragments, which fell down on the territory of Spain, could not be the parts of a booster rocket.

As a matter of fact, Olmos said, the USSR was conducting secret launches of the booster rocket. One of those secret launches was performed December 3, 1965. “They launched the rocket with a satellite on board in the direction of the Moon. The launch was not successful, and the fragments of the SL-6 rocket (Vostok) crashed on the territory of Spain,” Vicente Olmos said.

The report contains the detailed description of 14 objects, including a five-kilo metal sphere 40 centimeters in diameter, as well as two cylinders 40 cm high and 20 cm in diameter.

The Soviet Union, El Mundo wrote, performed a successful launch of the moon robot only in 1970. The rover landed on the Moon and transmitted the first images of Earth’s natural satellite. In 1965, the USA classified the report in accordance with the rules of the Cold War. The Americans wanted to understand if the USSR had achieved considerable progress in order to copy some of its technical solutions.

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