Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

No arms, no legs, no worries

Nick Vujicic was born with no arms and no legs. The man has no limbs, but he has a big desire to help other people like him. The young man chairs Life Without Limbs organization that provides assistance to millions of other disabled individuals.

Vujicic was born in Australia’s Melbourne into a religious Christian family. The boy was born with no arms and had only one leg. His only leg is atrophied and has only two toes. Needless to say that the boy constantly had to face a great deal of problems as he was growing.

Nick wanted to commit suicide at age of eight. However, he later realized that if he could manage to live normal life without limbs then he could inspire other handicapped people. When he turned 17, he organized a not-for-profit organization Life Without Limbs.

Twenty-four-year-old Nick often makes public appearances in front of other disabled people and constantly jokes about his disease and how people usually react to his looks.

Nick graduated from a college at age 21 and started traveling all over the world appearing in front of thousands of people in an attempt to help them deal with their problems. Nick plans to publish a book next year titled “No arms, No Legs, No Worries.”

There are many people like Nick Vujicic in Russia. Like Nick, they too try to live full lives despite their diseases. Sergei Burlakov is a resident of Taganrog. He lost his limbs in an accident. The absence of his arms and legs did not stop Sergei from running a marathon distance of over 42 kilometers in 6 hours and 51 minutes. Americans were applauding the Russian man.

He covered the first half of the track in one breath, but the stumps of his legs started bleeding afterwards. One of the viewers fainted as Sergei was changing his blood-stained bandage. The young man did not give up and covered the distance entirely. The viewers gave him a standing ovation when Sergei was reaching the finish line. Afterwards, Sergei Burlakov made an entry into the Guinness Book of World Records and received the Citizen of the World title in 2003.