Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Sex proves to be highly important for vacationing women

Many men and women associate vacations with adventures full of sex and a variety of impressions. It does not matter if a woman (or a man) travels to another country with her long-time partner or not – the rules works for all occasions.

Specialists from Ben-Gurion University in Israel conducted a research in an attempt to find out if sex acts as a motivating factor for traveling and whether it influences the pleasure women take in these trips. Researchers also tried to compare women’s sexual behavior on holiday and at home.

During the experiment experts decided not to converse with men, for most of male respondents did not describe things in the way they really were, but preferred to exaggerate.

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To study this delicate issue specialists picked 21 secular (not religious) Jewish women. All of them came from different socio-economic layers. Eleven women were a bit older than 20, others were in their thirties and some were older than 50.

The research showed that sex is an important factor for women to think of this or that trip as successful or not. As often as not, sexual pleasure is the most important aspect and motivating factor for holidays, which means that they associate holidays and relaxation with a usual festive occasion perfect for sex, and with an opportunity to develop sexual relations in a new and more tranquil atmosphere.

Holidays abroad enable women to have casual encounters in unknown surroundings, while at home such relations would damage their reputation.

The research that women associate holidays and relaxation combined together (when you do not need to go sightseeing) with a usual festive occasion, perfect for sex.

Female respondents claimed that it is good to have a lot of such sex on holidays. A woman described it as a rest from the routine, as pleasure to enjoy each other. Spas, Jacuzzis, champagne, relaxing atmosphere and romance make this sex perfect.

Researchers also surveyed backpack trips, which women characterized as an opportunity for casual affairs in alien surroundings. In such cases the number of sex partners increases, and women neglect the quality for they are not well acquainted with these partners.

Women refer to such trips as ‘adventures’ that can not happen at home. In this case men act as sex objects. When women were asked how they feel about their casual partners, they said that “these are men for just one night that you do not want to meet the next day.”

This phenomenon is a kind of a ritual that accompanies tourism. Likewise, tourists feel the need to see museums and other places of interests in cities they visit, even if they have no desire to do that. So sex as well is thought to be obligatory.

On the other hand, the research found that business trips are absolutely inappropriate for sexual activities, since there is no free time during which people can make love in new surroundings. Respondents argue that sexual permissiveness is impossible if you are accompanied by your colleagues.

Translated by Julia Bulygina