Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Current fashion trends mislead people in their sexual orientation

Those days when homosexual relations used to trigger severe criticism are gone. The subject of unconventional relationship has become open to discussion in many countries of the world.

People tried to find quite a number of reasons, which make some individuals feel sexually attracted to people of the same sex. The reasons included psychological disorder, promiscuity or a genetic defect. The modern-day society is more tolerant towards homosexual relationship. However, it does not clarify the phenomenon. The mystery of this unnatural kind of human relations still exists, though.

If we look at homosexual relations (physical and spiritual) and their origin the way we look at heterosexual relations, everything seems to be clear with them, or almost everything.

Curiosity is the main reason why people decide to experience something new that they never tried before. It triggers different kinds of experiments. In this sense, every new experience can be considered an experiment - sex with people of other races, phone sex, or homosexual acts, for example. People are just curious what it feels like. One should not be embarrassed with a woman acting as a partner for another woman. As often as not, people are interested not in the partner, but in their own sensations during the interaction.

Such curiosity may be caused by the interest of what a man feels when he caresses a woman. Sometimes a man may want to know what a woman feels in this. These are rather natural human desires – to gain more experience, to be someone else, to wear somebody else’s shoes.

Practice shows that broadminded women of sound mind and memory usually resolve to do such experiments and take their things easy, no matter how strange they may seem.

Unbelievable as it may sound, but sexual relations are susceptible to fashion, though in a smaller degree than clothes and literature. When TV screens and advertising bills keep showing you two hot girls embracing each other, when Madonna kisses Britney Spears, girls consider it to be a fashion trend. Some of them want to follow the trend, to be a part of it.

Such fashion may influence only immature conscience, that is why lesbian experiments are characteristic of seniors or first-year students and are mainly designed to attract public attention. So they finish very quickly (by 20 years at the latest).

Everyone seems to know at least one story about a man and a woman who got drunk and woke up holding each other in a tender embrace (although nothing suggested this on the eve of the night). Such stories about two women do happen, but not so often. Two girl friends were sitting in a bar for a long time, complaining bitterly to each other about their problems in life and blowing off some drunken impudent guys. Then one of them stayed overnight at another girl’s place. They went to sleep and embraced each other to display understanding and support…then a lingering hand on the breast, a kiss on the lips, instead of the cheek and a friendly support turned into a sexual one. In the morning girls usually feel embarrassed, try to act as if nothing happened, and their sexual relations end as soon as they began.

It does not usually happen to close friends, but to new acquaintances (to get to know each other better, so to speak). However, it will not influence further relations.

It is surprising but sometimes two women get in bed at a man’s request. Two girls caressing each other is considered to be a traditional teaser for men. Almost all pornographic films have scenes with two women; most striptease shows have lesbian motifs. Most men confess that they dream openly or secretly of sexual experience with two women at the same time and fantasize about homosexual girls caressing each other.

No wonder that some men pluck up courage to offer their partners ménage à trois. No wonder that some women agree to it. They do it out of curiosity, because of the desire to please the partner or for fear that the partner will do it with someone else…

As often as not, women are not satisfied with their sexual life. The reason may vary from the complete lack of this life to the lack of orgasms or a want of tenderness from the partner. The modern media keep saying that women are more sensitive, that female organisms need long caresses (a prelude to sex) and that a woman knows exactly what another woman wants. Though these things are usually articles on the topic of “how to satisfy your lover”, they sometimes have a reverse effect, and a woman looks for sexual happiness among other women, for they are so competent and sensitive.

Fear of pregnancy can be an additional motive here. Even the thought itself that there is no risk to get pregnant helps a woman to relax, urges her to have homosexual relations and get pleasure.

Psychological trauma. These words mean quite a number of reasons to urge women to have homosexual relations. Childish complexes, boys’ mockery, ill-success of the first sexual experiment with a man and a rape top this list. A man and his sexuality is something hostile or unobtainable for such women. Thus women are determined by the traumatized mind as secure and understandable, so they become the only object of sexual attraction. Unfortunately, it is not usually caused by healthy human instincts and desires, but by morbid fears urging women to seek refuge from men. Such traumas want correction and treatment, as well as any other psychological problems.

Many people consider mistakenly that such psychological traumas inevitably turn women into lesbians or that all lesbians have a traumatized mind. It is much more complicated in fact. Most homosexual women become such because they are unable to realize themselves women. It is often a consequence of adult complexes and it will disappear soon. But this trend does not evidence that all homosexual women have psychological problems. By the way, most of them are so well-groomed and effeminate that any heterosexual woman would envy them.

Homosexual love does not differ from its conventional analogue. Two people meet and fall in love with each other. Simple as that.


Translated by Julia Bulygina