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Leave Britney Spears alone!

Poor pop princess Britney Spears continues to be the center of media attention in the world. Her current personal problems generate countless rumors and reasons for gossip. People even begin to gloat over her possible death.

One of world’s biggest news agencies, The Associated Press, has already prepared Britney’s obituary in spite of the obvious fact that she is still alive and kicking. An official spokesperson for the agency said that the death notice had been written so that the agency could be prepared for her possible death against the background of the singer’s unstable mental state.

Numerous newspapers and magazines write that Britney may die in an air crash or as a result of suicide. It is not ruled out that the unfortunate singer may eventually commit suicide. She has reportedly left a death note before: one of her friends found it in a bathroom shortly before Spears’ latest hospitalization. The singer may suffer from manic-depressive psychosis, which makes her act unpredictably.

Common people living in many countries across the globe tend to express their sympathies to the troubled singer and mother. A recent poll conducted in the USA said that many Americans believe that the court should allow the singer to see her children at least from time to time.

Last year Britney Spears shaved her head, attacked paparazzi photographers, broke traffic rules and appeared in public with no underwear on. However, many people believe that she would be able to retrieve her earthly manners if she could see her two sons. About 51 percent of the polled said that they Britney could still recover from her current deplorable state.

Psychologists say that the troubled singer may die in about six months if she does not improve her mental condition. Britney was going to address to Doctor Lillian Glass, a top US psychologist. "Unless Britney is locked away or put into a treatment program, she is going to die in six months - or even sooner. In my opinion, she suffers from cyclothymia, a chronic mood disorder in which short periods of mild depression are followed by short periods of hypomania. That explains why one minute she can appear perfectly sane and the next she's exhibiting totally crazy behaviour,” the doctor said.

Cyclothymia is a mood disorder. This disorder is a milder form of bipolar II disorder consisting of recurrent mood disturbances between hypomania and dysthymic mood. A single episode of hypomania is sufficient to diagnose cyclothymic disorder; however, most individuals also have dysthymic periods. The diagnosis of cyclothymic disorder is never made when there is a history of mania or major depressive episode or mixed episode (as told in "Blueprints in Psychiatry" - "mood disorders"). The lifetime prevalence of cyclothymic disorder is 0.4-1%. The rate appears equal in men or women, though women more often seek treatment.

Mexican psychic Antonio Vazquez Alba, also known as Grand Warlock, recently stated that Britney Spears would die at the end of 2008. It is worthy of note that Alba has made only two mistakes in his 20 years of practice. Will it be his third time?

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