Look-alikes come into this world to fulfill a certain mission

Academic science still does not know exactly why nature produces clones

It is generally believed that all human beings are different. It is extremely hard to find someone who exactly copies the looks and character traits of another person, whom he or she has absolutely no relation with. However, the phenomenon of look-alikes exists. This is one of the most complicated questions on Earth: scientists have not been able to explain the nature of the phenomenon yet. Those specialists who study the inexplicable believe that the majority of people living on the planet have only one double, the so-called guardian angel. reflection in the mirror

Everybody heard about one or two cases of amazing likeliness. The stories featuring famous personalities are best known. The Roman emperor Maximin looked exactly like Adolf Hitler. But it was not the case of perfect physical likeliness. Both were the ruthless tyrants. Maximin was put to death by his own soldiers who rebelled against his rule. Hitler had to kill himself so that the whole world might not tear him to peaces.

It will be impossible to tell between busts of Mao Zedong and Montuemkhet, a ruler of the city of Thebes in ancient Egypt. Montuemkhet lived seven centuries prior to the birth of Jesus Christ. Both he and Mao put their people through a lot of hardships.

“I have always wanted to know how many doubles live in this world ,” says Nikolai Degtyarev, a geneticist, a doctor, an author of books on cloning and genetic engineering. “Coming across the look-alikes of celebrities is not an accident. Therefore, if the celebrities have their doubles, the rank and file should have their doubles too. I began pondering the patterns used for sorting out, selecting and assigning various genetic material. Children do not look like their parents at times as if they are the changelings. Specialists point out to recessive cells that normally lie dormant in every person. So why did they decide to wake up in this particular case? Was a set of genes smaller than previously thought?”

“Academic science still does not know exactly why nature produces clones,” says Degtyarev. “The most popular theory holds that doubles are humans with an identical genetic makeup. For reasons that are still unknown, nature produces several versions of one person; their DNA structures are absolutely the same. Such doubles are called biogenic i.e. they share the DNA structure but their biological parents are different.”

“Doubles are somehow used to guarantee the survival of at least one required copy of a gene. It is the very gene, hidden among the others, that needs copying. But it “does not want” to go copying among the genes which can suppress it. The gene wants to make copies of itself using a special “designed” pattern. One version can grow in America, another in Australia, yet another one in Turkey without knowing of one another. One of them may die in infancy, another may be infertile. At least one of the doubles is bound to reach puberty and produce offspring. Bringing forth offspring is the most important goal of the gene that wants to survive.”

“I am sure that doubles come into this world to accomplish some mission,” says Degtyarev. “We still do not know what kind of a mission we are given by our DNA. According to teachings of mystics, a person is born in a series of copies ranging from two to twenty. And each “copy” is given the same goal. But all doubles go through the stages of “sorting-out.”

“The copies with major defects e.g. hereditary diseases or character flaws that prevent normal development are rejected at the first stage. The remaining copies grow, gain experience as they get ready to carry out their mission. Something akin to annihilation will take place and two copies will fall apart if two copies happen to meet at this stage of improvement. A person will get a fright after meeting his double, and therefore one of the copies must go. And it does by means of an accident or a murder. Those “departures” are very strange. They could not have happened under the normal circumstances. Those who managed to avoid the “planned deaths” would recall of a strong urge to enter some building, board a train, or cross the street at the wrong place. As it turned out later, a killer was hiding at a stairway of the building, the train was bound to derail, and a drinking-and-driving accident was about to happen at the section of the street. If doubles fail to meet, both will be striving for their goals at the same time for awhile. Eventually, one of them will step aside due to immediate problems, something will go wrong and his destiny will be changed.”

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Author`s name Olga Savka