The Earth is dead

The dangers confronting us in this century have never been greater
We still have time until the Earth is dead, but in the New Year 2006, peace and happiness will go to the deserving people who are not in competition to consume the last life-giving resources from the face the Earth. The economic dependency of modern industrial countries for scarce natural resources has become a major economical and political risk for the whole World, and it's not just about oil. The dangers confronting us in this century have never been greater.drought
The essential natural resources, like food, minerals and fuel, which are needed for the survival of high consumption nations is an issue of national security, which will require governments and businesses, who are at risk of supply disruptions, to use their agents and secret contacts to manipulate, control and dominate the weak people and weak governments of key trading nations around the World. The ensuing greedy competition for scarce resources by nations and multi-national businesses, can lead to conflicts of interests, corruption, clashes of cultures, and revaluation of assets and currencies, which invariably leads to protests, wars, economic chaos, riots and other catastrophic consequences. The age of limitless resources is nearing an end, including the cultures that are unable to adapt to the coming changes.
Patriotism to consumption and monetary growth are not patriotic principles worth dying for, even if they represent a national way of life. Patriotic values must be reassessed with moral questions: How many soldiers must die, trees cut down, animals killed, rivers poisoned, ocean fish depleted, fresh water disappear, plants with pharmaceutical value go undiscovered, and basic human needs go neglected, so that we can buy a big car, big house, and hold onto a hyper-space style of life?
All people have a personal responsibility for protecting the Earth's resources, even when traditional politicians create mass media guided policies to placate people's opposition to change. People tell me that the World environmental problems are too overwhelming for them to solve; they tell me that it's God's Will; or, politicians are elected for this difficult job.  Environmental responsibility is the purest form of democracy and everyone votes through his or her lifestyle. 
Futuristic nations, having visionary leaders, will lead their nations on a course of environmental responsibility by educating their citizens in schools, with heavy use of mass media to convey "hope" instead of "fear", and by encouraging its citizens to participate in organisations, which promote environmental policies, which will make the Earth a better place for people to live on, including businesses and the diversity of life we share this planet with.
“The Earth is not Dead”, because we still have time to save it.  I am always meeting people, who say, “What can I do, I am only one person?” My answer is, “Plant a tree in 2006 and tell your neighbours why you did it.”
Donald Norell

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Author`s name Olga Savka