Premature ageing of humans exposes hidden abilities of the brain

The superfast ageing, known as the Werner syndrome, makes absolutely normal and healthy people age 50 or even 100 times faster than usual

Superfast ageing is an extremely rare phenomenon for human beings. On the other hand, it is an absolutely natural part of salmon's life. As soon as this big fish overcomes hundreds of kilometers of wild waters in the mountains and fulfills the instinct of reproduction, their sturdy bodies grow decrepit. The fish dies three or nine days later: females die first, strong males follow them shortly. Drawing a comparison with human lives, one may say that salmon becomes 20-40 human years older in one day.

Gerontologists – scientists who try to grasp the mechanism of human ageing – evince an immense interest in the last days of salmons' life. Researchers attempt to seize the moment, when the intensive ageing process of the fish starts. However, the mystery still remains unveiled. Albadez Gudalowskus: the photo on the right was taken only several years after the premature aging disease

Several occurrences of superfast ageing have been registered with five-year-old children. A five or an eight-year-old girl may suddenly reach puberty and even deliver a baby, which is considered absolutely normal in certain African tribes. Doctors tend to explain the utterly inexplicable medical phenomenon with “genetic disorders” and “congenital susceptibility to ageing.”

The superfast ageing, known as the Werner syndrome, makes absolutely normal and healthy people age 50 or even 100 times faster than usual. Specialists of the Moscow-based Genetic Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences said that their archives contain records of only two individuals who suffered from similar symptoms. Japanese researchers calculated that the unknown disease may affect only one of four million people.

The biological mechanism which launches the process of ageing at a young age still mesmerizes scientists. Specialists believe, however, that the Werner syndrome activates defective genes in the patient's body. Modern medicine is unable to either confirm or reject the diagnoses of the ultra-rare disease with the help of the genetic analysis, though.

One of the latest incidents of super-fast ageing was registered with a male citizen of Lithuania, Albadez Gudalowskus. The young man got married and became the father of healthy baby girl at the age of 20. Albadez started ageing rapidly soon after that. He looked like a senile old man only a year later. Outwardly, the man became 40 years older during this period. Lithuania's best doctors conducted all examinations and experiments imaginable, but failed to determine the reason of the man's ageing.

It was mentioned above that modern medicine is incapable of treating such “young elderly people” with the help of common medicines. It is not ruled out, however, that it is not the matter of medicine at all. The unique patients may probably need to be examined by physicists who study the properties of time.

Some researchers, which can hardly be referred to any traditional modern sciences, believe that a human being possesses 'something' responsible for the perception (correction and supervision) of time. This so-called time organ may exist in the brain, hypothalamus, to be more precise. Other scientists say that the time organ is known in the world as the third eye; esoterics refer to this organ of time as chakras. It may also happen that the fast ageing mirrors the new function of neurocells of the brain. Numerous medical experiments conducted on the matter proved that such cells are linked with each other with one common field, aura.

It is an open secret that contemporary medicine can boast of very little knowledge about the human brain. The brain can supervise the usual work of a human organism and bestow us with incredible physical and intellectual possibilities at times that strike anyone's imagination. The work of the brain can be compared to that of a computer. Standard operations take very little space of the computer memory. Launching and using such an extensive program as Windows, for instance, requires many mega bites of memory that needs to be both occupied and left empty. As for the brain, the human memory takes only 10 percent of the brain's entire volume. It brings up the idea that the remaining 90 percent is left for the work of an extremely difficult program, the purpose and structure of which is unknown.

One may suggest that extrasensorial individuals, healers and others of the ilk use the hidden qualities of the brain. These abilities can be found with each and every living human being. Siberian shamans, yogas can slow down the course of time, come out of the body, levitate, experience the transcendental vision of the world, etc.

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Author`s name Olga Savka