Another Krakatau likely to explode in Indonesia in 140 years

Krakatau eruption that happened in 1883 is considered to be the most dangerous natural disasters in human history

A new natural disaster is in store for Indonesia. It can be compared with the eruption of Krakatau volcano in 1883 - one of the greatest natural disasters in modern history. Scientists are worriedly watching another volcano growing at  Krakatau's place, Asian Wall Street Journal wrote. Krakatau volcano

Anak Krakatau, Krakatau's child, was born about 70 years ago and now grows six meters a year. If its growth rate doesn't decrease, the world will face another great tragedy, says Indonesian volcanologist Supriyatman Sutavijaya from the Indonesian University of Volcanology and Geology. The amount of earth silicon has been growing in the volcano's lava over the last years. It makes it thicker that prevents gases from going up on the surface, says the scientist. If the process maintains the current speed, another explosion will happen in 140 years.

Today Anak Krakatau erupts several times a day, however the power of eruptions is low. After the year 1993, when a sudden eruption killed one American tourist and injured five more, tourists are not allowed to come up to the volcano. The fine was set on the level of $20,000 for those who violate this rule. However, Indonesians often fish at the bottom of the volcano. “Sometimes it is quite dangerous, especially when the debris and ashes are falling around you", says one of them in an interview with Asian Wall Street Journal.

Krakatau eruption that happened in 1883 is considered to be the most dangerous natural disasters in human history. Giant waves up to 40 meters in height caused by the explosion rounded planet Earth four times. The volcano explosion could be heard at a distance of  five thousand kilometers: the sound that the earth blast produced is considered to be the loudest sound that could ever be heard on Earth. That day tsunami killed 36,000 people, but scientists say that if it happened today the death toll would be much higher. If the explosion of the same power happened today, tsunami would kill about one million people", says Supriyatman Sutavijaya in the interview. Anak Krakatau is sitting in the sea, 50 kilometers to the west off Java, the most populated island of Indonesia.

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Author`s name Olga Savka