Scientists are about to unravel the main mystery of the brain

Interhemispheric asymmetry is the main characteristic of the brain

A hundred and fifty years ago scientists started to record the functional differences of cerebral hemispheres. That is how the study of a mysterious phenomenon of interhemispheric asymmetry went under way. Today researchers in a laboratory of biophysics of the Institute of Chemical Physics investigate the phenomenon day by day.

Interhemispheric asymmetry is the main characteristic of the brain. Every human being has the brain with one hemisphere dominating over the other one. Humankind is divided into two uneven parts: people with the left hemispheres and people with right hemispheres. The first group mostly lives in the West, the other one is in the Orient and Africa.

Scientists believe that interhemispheric asymmetry gave rise to evolutionary development bound for human being. Fish is the first species with a similar phenomenon on the “stairway of evolution.”

Asymmetric development of the cerebral hemispheres depends on gender. Females have a less prominent asymmetry. The differences between the female and male brain stem from evolution too. In terms of biology, females are more designed to play the role of a keeper of the hearth and home while males normally protect the family, they are on the frontline of defense, so to speak.

The hemispheres process information in a different way. The left hemisphere is responsible for analytical thinking. People with the dominant left hemispheres are usually very rational and calculating. They can keep their emotions in check. They write using the right hand. People with the dominating right hemisphere think in images. Many left-handed people fall under the category. It is useless trying to make a left-handed person write with his right hand since his right hemisphere will a dominant one. One can see asymmetric organization of the brain at all levels, from the molecular level to the behavioral one.

People with right hemispheres feel very much ill at ease in our world that is designed for those with left hemispheres. For example, it takes longer for children with right hemispheres to grow old. They also have troubles finding a niche in society. Teachers do not understand them and hand down low grades to them. As a result, a child's self-esteem goes down. Children like that are very vulnerable because emotions form the core of their personalities. People with dominating right hemispheres who failed to get themselves adjusted to life often display asocial behavior. On the other hand, the majority of the great artists and writers are those with the dominant right hemisphere.

How important is the interhemispheric asymmetry of the brain? It is of great importance. It is the cornerstone of stability of the system of thinking. Asymmetry gradually fades away during some diseases and brain pathologies. A person changes dramatically right before your very eyes, he develops hysteroid features and spends hours taking his choice in an easy situation.

How can you identify you dominant hemisphere? Arrange your palms in a “lock”. You must be a right-handed person if the thumb of your right hand happens to be lying on top. You can strike the “Napoleon's pose.” Cross your arms over your chest. The right arm covering the left one is a sure sign that you are a right-handed person.

We should remember that dominance of the right hemisphere will come to light sooner or later. Many people who grew up in the rational world with the left hemisphere can reveal their creativity only in the second half of their lives. Some people begin sewing or knitting all of a sudden, others paint in secret.

The world has been exceedingly cruel to the bearers of the right hemispheres. Socializing was an ordeal for them. It was necessary to spend enormous reserves of energy in order to meet the requirements of society with the left hemispheres. The left-handed are still regarded the risk group.

European cultures are the most typical representatives of the world with the left hemisphere. In particular, the Germans who valued rationale and logic for centuries and used it as a foundation for the nation's development. The British Isles are an exception. By and large, the islanders i.e. the British, the Irish, and the Japanese have always had many persons with the right hemispheres. The American civilization proved to be quite tolerant of the left-handed people. Perhaps a genetic link with Britain had to do with the situation or the young culture subconsciously realized the importance of inclusion of the “different ones” into social space.

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Author`s name Olga Savka