Sun's shadow shakes Earth causing volcano eruptions and earthquakes

There is nothing mysterious about the covering of one object by another while moving

Solar and lunar eclipses gripped people with awe in times of old. They were thought to be the portents of war, famine, epidemic of diseases and so on. People still like to watch eclipses, especially total ones. Darkness falls at midday and unknown constellations appear in the blackened sky.

On the face of it, there is nothing mysterious about the covering of one object by another while moving. We watch things like that happen a hundred times a day. Yet every living creature inclusive of man grows anxious when the moon's shadow covers the earth. It is quite amazing that statistical data collected over the centuries effectively confirms the link between solar eclipses and natural disasters. 

Magnificent images of solar eclipse

The 1902 solar eclipse (observed in North Europe) remains one of the most flagrant examples. Astrologists foretold that the British monarch would be in danger. The calendar even mentioned a disease of the king. The disease struck the king a few days before the eclipse.

A devastating earthquake killed 4,000 people in Spain following the eclipse on July 6th, 1853. The eclipse that occurred on May 8th, 1901, brought to life the volcano Mon Pele. It also caused an earthquake on the island of Martinique. There are other examples of the full eclipses (specifically the full ones) having a detrimental impact on the earth.

Fortunately, yesterday's eclipse was an incomplete phenomenon and therefore could not be ominous of any calamities. According to Ukrainian Rating Agency, the eclipse on October 3rd, 2005, had a circular shape. In other words, the sun looked like a bright ring. The eclipse started at 07.35 Universal Time over the coastal area of the Atlantic Ocean. The eclipse came to an end at 13.27 Universal Time over the coastal area of the Indian Ocean. The phenomenon lasted less than 6 hours.

In terms of astrology, this week kicked off with new moon that coincides with this month's solar eclipse. Present-day astrologists are not so concerned about the eclipse. However, statistics indicate that a hidden sun often brings about changes in the near future, and those changes may be for the worse for some people. In any case, astrologists recommend that you put on hold all your important projects and stock up on energy for the time being. New moon is a period marking the final accomplishment of things planned a long time ago. At the very least, astrologists predict that it will happen before the moon grows full on October 17th.

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Author`s name Olga Savka