Experts offer five exercises to avoid senile marasmus

There are methods to make the brain young even with elderly people
The problem of life prolongation is burning for each of us, and we try to find a way in which it could be made longer. Researchers are also working on life prolongation. There is still no elixir of life, but instead researchers offer several exercises that may help avoid senile marasmus. Recent studies of British researchers prove that these exercises are as effective as medicines: special intellectual exercises help people make the brain ten years younger no matter what the actual age of a person is.

A group of researchers from the Trinity College in Dublin developed a special program for old patients' brain effectiveness. The basic principle of the exercises is to stimulate the frontal lobe that controls memory, attention, sense of humor and decision making, and thus make thinking as flexible as it is typical of young people. In the framework of the research, 3 thousand of elderly patients did the series of the simple exercises every day. And just in few days the old men and ladies felt their brain became more active as if they suddenly got younger.

Here are the exercises that experts recommend to do to have lively mind even in the old age.

1. When you need to keep some list in memory, bind each item of the list to some image (those things that you see during everyday walks). This will enable more neuronic chains and improve memory.

2. Memorize hard things dividing them into groups: phone numbers are easy for memorizing when figures are grouped by three. This exercise will also help train attention. 

3. When reading a newspaper article first make an outline of the article (the headline and the gist); then form the image of the publication in your mind. This structure will help memorize the text after you read it once again.

4. It is important to be attentive. Many people make their way from work to home and afterwards remember not a single detail of the trip. It means their frontal lobe was not active at that time. Researchers recommend to stop for some time and think. To activate memory, ask yourself such questions: where am I? what am I doing?

5. Solve crosswords and puzzles, play computer games to improve mental faculties and save the brain from ageing.

Physical exercises are also important for keeping the brain young. It has been proved that after four months of aerobics elderly patients could breathe easier and even began to think easier as well. Correct low-fat nutrition is also important for having the brain young.

There are some experts who recommend more exotic methods for brain exercises of elderly people. They say it is good to solve crosswords while long-distance jogging or when making love.

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva