The Earth's future looks black

It looks like the Earth decided to exterminate a stupid human in earnest

Experts say that this year became the richest in natural disasters. At the beginning of August scientists had already predicted 22 tropical storms in the North Atlantic. Some of them already showed up, others are preparing for attack.

Hurricane Katrina caused problems at the industrial merger Michoud Assembly Facility where outboard tanks for NASA shuttle are assembled.
At the moment eight outboard tanks are modernized at the plants, which were partly flooded because of the hurricane. Michoud Assembly Facility administration reported that special rescue teams had been formed that are on duty and examine the state of the industrial objects. None of the outboard tanks was damaged.

Outboard tank is the largest assembly part of the spacecraft, which is cylinder-shaped and is 46 meters long and eight meters in diameter.
In spite of NASA planning to shut down the program of using shuttles by 2010, outboard tanks will be used in further space programs.

It looks like the Earth decided to exterminate a stupid human in earnest. Natural disasters become larger with rising number of victims. Hurricane Katrina became the most destructive in the history of the United States, and this is just a beginning. Scientists warn that in several years even stronger hurricanes will hit the American territories. That is not all there is. The reason is the global warming, which seems nice for people in the North regions and is almost unnoticed by everyone else.

Experts have been warning about this dangerous phenomenon for a long time. American climatologist Kerry Emmanuel published the results of his research that prove the dangers of the global warming.
The scientist compared temperature indices on the ocean’s surface and the speed of the cyclones' wind starting from 1930. It turned out that by the end of the 20th century the intensity of the waves increased drastically.

The duration of hurricanes and cyclones increased by 60 percent since 1949, the speed of the wind at the storm's epicenter increased by 50 percent since 1970 while the water's temperature on the ocean's surface is beyond the limits of the norm.

The thing is that the more is the difference in temperatures of the seawater and air, the more powerful elemental forces become. The greenhouse effect makes it even worse. Emmanuel said that the power of the hurricanes increased two times for the past 30 years because the water’s temperature increased just by 0,5 degrees.

Another bad prediction for the future comes from a group of astronomers. Director of the UK Astronomy Technology Centre Ian Robson told about observations made at the Gemini Observatory located on Hawaii.

Two galaxies in the Pisces constellation about 100 million light years from the Earth clashed and turned into formless mass, which was filmed and is now called NGC 520.
Astronomers predict the same future for the Milky Way in about five billion years. It is directed towards Andromeda nebula that will absorb it together with the Solar System.

It is obvious that our planet cannot escape such a fate. Robson tries to calm Earth's population by saying that it is still a long way away. However, he says it is scary to imagine the end of the Earth.

Recently American scientists were trying to bury the Earth as well. Last year they claimed that the global Apocalypse would come in 11 billion years due to the expansion of the universe. However, soon astrophysicists said that they were wrong in their calculations and that the universe would exist for the next 24 billion years.

With the help of the new super-power telescope scientists understood that they were wrong in evaluating the speed of universe’s expansion.

These are not the only dangers that can trap our planet. Comets that cannot be seen through the usual telescope are some of them. They absorb the sunlight and this is what makes them invisible. There are about 400 times more of such comets than the usual ones. Their assumed trajectory can be determined only by theoretical calculations.

Scientists admit that one of such comets can get close to the Earth unnoticed. When it becomes visible it will be too late.

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Author`s name Olga Savka