Coma vs. death: Why don’t they see the same?

A head injury is often the cause of someone slipping into a coma. It might have been caused by a car accident or a sudden blow to the head. Patients that have awoken after several months and years of being in a coma often tell the living that they did not experience anything out of the ordinary. They often tell their friends and family that it felt as though they were sleeping.

Most coma victims do not recall any brightly lit tunnels or angels speaking to them when they were in their coma state. They often awaken to a new month or year. Coma victims are often surprised to hear that it is a new month and a new year since they were last awake. Their mind seems to stay in the past.

There have been many stories of people claiming that they had a near-death experience. Many of them have stated that they saw a bright light that welcomed them into heaven and some have claimed that they were taken immediately to hell. It is interesting that people in the coma state of mind do not mention this type of activity. What’s the difference between a near death experience and a coma state experience?

Psychics have longed believed and taught that we are all attached to a spiritual cord. As long as you are attached to this spiritual cord, you are allowed to astral-travel and project your spirit into another realm. However, when you are separated from this cord, it is said that you die.

Victims of the coma state of mind are still attached to their spiritual cord and that is why they cannot enter or see something, “on the other side.” In actuality their spirit and body is resting. They tend to not dream because dreams are often given to protect us from danger and things that may lay ahead for us. A person that is in a coma is spiritually and physically resting.

A person that has had a near death experience often sees interesting things when they die because they are in fact being separated from their body. They cannot stay attached to their body in any way, shape or form.

Spirits of the deceased have often been seen by the living in various places. It is obvious that some sort of entity lives beyond the human body. Human images have been caught on camera and voices have been heard on recorders. It is also interesting that some of these human like entities know that they are speaking to you and others of them have no idea that anyone is even around them.

Most religions teach that there is life on the others side of the human body. We all are said to have a human spirit and soul. Whether you believe in heaven, hell or nothing at all, you have to admit that there is enough evidence out there today that may suggest that something lives out there beyond our own world.

The coma state of mind has more to do with peace and rest from a terrible accident. God is in control and time does not exist in the spiritual world, we must conclude that a coma is not a physical separation from an earthly body. The only time that a person can experience “the others side” is when they have a near death experience or know how to astral-project themselves.

Many people that do not believe in God find death to be a part of life and scary at the same time. Nobody likes to think of themselves as slipping into a nothingness state. One has to wonder if there is really life after death. Many psychics have had experiences with the dead and have discovered that a spiritual world does exist beyond our human understanding. It is a world that can only be seen by those that seek it out and who are open to it. The majority of people across the world do not experience an encounter with a spirit in their own home. Most people that have experienced an encounter with a spirit is said to have seen one in a known haunted place.

It’s interesting that a spirit can often see us clearly, but we cannot see it with our own naked eye or ear. A coma victim that suddenly awakens does not usually report any sort of weird encounters with spirits, angels or God. The sleep state seems to be the place where most coma victims enter.

Death is a one time occurrence and most people only experience this once in a life time. Once their spirit is separated from their own human body, people seem to experience something good or bad. Those that have been pronounced clinically dead and have come back to life have often stated that they saw themselves floating outside of their body. They had all of their senses still in tact and they were met by either angels or demons. Author Mary Anne Baxter of the book, “The Divine Revelation of Hell” stated that she was brought into hell with Jesus and he showed her what eternity would be like for those that did not accept him as their Lord and savior. When she awoke, she said that she felt a call to tell her story to the world. She managed to find a publisher for her book and her words have inspired thousands of people worldwide.

It is also interesting that when a person comes back from a near death experience; their character usually stays the same. When a person awakens from a coma, they are often said to have altered personalities. Sometimes they are not the same person as before they went into the coma.

Our personalities are said to alter when some sort of brain malfunction happens to us in some sort of degree. Many spouses have often complained that their spouse was a completely different person before they slipped into their coma. Should a person be held responsible if they become a destructive person after they awaken from a coma like state?

Is death really a sleep like state for all eternity or is there something more to the story of life itself? Each person that has a near death experience has experienced something differently. Many of their stories are similar and many of them are different. It appears as though the coma like state has similar reports of not remembering anything at all.

When someone dies, they are actually cut off from their brain as well as from breathing. A person who slips into a coma usually uses their normal brain functioning, but remains breathing. Sometimes they have to use a respirator to help them to breath, but they are still breathing.

It appears as though people experience different occurrences when they die. This means that, depending on your own personal beliefs, you are going to experience whatever it is that you believe in while you are on earth. It appears as though people who believe inside of their heart that there is a heaven, may indeed experience angels or the seeing of another life after they die.

What happens when you actually die is a discussed topic that has been around since the beginning of time and it is taught differently in every culture. Psychics have long been known to discuss the after life and now have actual video and audio taped sounds from the dead. If you are not a believer in spirits, then you may try researching a ghost hunter’s collection of video and audio spirit sounds and voices.

By Stephen Piperno
Used with permission of Ufodigest

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov