Another perpetual motor built in Russia

For the last five years the inventor has been waiting for official recognition of his device

Vyacheslav Strushchenko decided to invent a magnetic motor in 1975. The inventor read more than a hundred books to gain necessary knowledge. For many times Vyacheslav gave up working on his project due to mental strain. Finally, he put all the parts together. The work took him just a week yet it took him 25 years to come up with the final version of the model.

Vyacheslav filed a application for certification to Moscow patent agency. He did not patent his invention yet. He still hopes to have it patented. For the last five years the inventor has been waiting for official recognition of his device. So far the state failed to appreciate Mr. Strushchenko's invention.

“I could have sold my motor to some foreign buyer, but I am not going to sell it,” said Mr. Strushchenko. He believes that inventions like that should belong to the state but the state does not seem to care. He says that he has been trying to donate his invention to the state for the last five years. According to him, everybody agrees that his invention is a work of genius. Still, he can not get a patent.

Mr. Strushchenko is confident that simplicity is a key word to any great invention. His wonder motor is made of a few magnets and pieces of metal. These days his neighbors knock on his door pretty often. They want to see the magic machine running. With the official recognition still waiting in the wings, the inventor spends his time grinding knives.

“My device can operate even in space,” said Mr. Strushchenko. He claims the military can put it to good use too. From his point of view, several motors run by magnets measuring 3m-4m in diameter will enable a submarine to operate for several decades without using any fuel.

Meanwhile, the inventor is working on a new project. He is searching for a new operating equation. His theory aims to prove that even a weight suspended can operate. Mr. Strushchenko is going to spread the news far and wide when all the calculations are at hand.

Operating principles of the magnetic motor

You can start up the motor by turning the its handle. The motor will then produce the amount of energy that is a hundred times greater than that used for turning the handle. The two magnets do the trick. They are arranged in parallel. There are two blades overlapping the gap between the magnets once you turn the handle. The larger the magnet, the faster flywheel goes producing energy. It can produce a four-time greater amount of energy if the distance between is reduced by two times. The inventor says the handle and the flywheel can be linked together. Then you do not have to turn the handle. The motor will be running by itself.

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Author`s name Olga Savka