Top 5 archaeological discoveries of 2006

5. 5,000 Year Old Dagger Found in Bulgaria

In August, a small gold and platinum dagger was excavated at a dig near Sofia, Bulgaria. Also found were several hundred tiny gold rings, silver vessels, and an array of pottery. Previous digs in the region have produced thousands of tiny gold rings dating to around 5,000-5,200 BC.

4. 3,000 Year Old Writing Found on Stone Tablet in Mexico

In mid-September, workers discovered a stone slab containing hieroglyphs at a rock quarry in Veracruz, Mexico. Experts feel sure that the 28 different hieroglyphs were made by an ancient society called the Olmec. This civilization thrived in Mexico long before the Maya came to power, making these hieroglyphs the oldest form of writing in the Americas.

3. Palace of Ajax Found in Greece

In March, Greek archaeologists found what they say is a Mycenaean-era complex thought to the palace of the legendary warrior-king, Ajax. According to the Greek writer, Homer, Ajax was one of the great heroes fighting against the Spartans during the Trojan War. The ruins were found in exactly the place Homer described in his story, The Illiad. One of the more interesting finds at this dig was a piece of bronze armor with the stamp of Pharaoh Rameses II, who ruled in the 13th century BC. The ruins are thought to date from the same time span.

2. Lucy's Baby

In late September, the archaeological world was rocked with the discovery of a hominid child dated to 3.3 million years old. The skeletal remains of child of the same species as the famed "Lucy" was found in Great Rift Valley of Eastern Africa. It will take several years for the skeleton to be completely removed from the sandstone encasing in which it was found, but the find will help experts in their understanding of human evolution.

1. First Tomb Found in Egypt Since King Tut

In February, Egypt announced that there had been a new tomb found in the Valley of the Kings. This was the first such find since Howard Carter found the tomb of King Tutankhamun in 1922. Though no mummies were found in the tomb, there were several sarcophagi, including one small golden sarcophagi meant either for a child or a small statue. Other finds in the tomb include flower garlands and 20 large sealed jars.


Prepared by Alexander Timoshik

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Author`s name Alex Naumov