Thawing Himalayan glaciers to flood the entire Asian region of the globe

Powerful currents of water will flow down in the valleys, crushing and wiping off everything on their way

Scientists keep talking about the imminent threat of global warming and its consequences. It is traditionally believed that the process will result in a sudden increase of the water level in the global ocean, which subsequently may end with another Flood. Such pessimistic forecasts are seemingly not enough for scientists, who decided to reveal another prediction to demoralize the world community. This time specialists left the thawing of ice on the two poles of planet Earth aside and touched upon the issue of mountain glaciers.

According to experts' estimations, residents of Asian states may suffer a large-scale natural disaster after the thawing of Himalayan glaciers. Scientists say that the thawing of mountain glaciers will result in irretrievable consequences. Powerful currents of water will flow down in the valleys, crushing and wiping off everything on their way. The scale of the disaster will be comparable to the power of a tsunami wave. So-called glacial lakes are especially dangerous at this points, ecologists believe: the lakes will become immense sources of ice water.

It is noteworthy that the Himalayas rank second (following the Arctic and the Antarctic zones) on the concentration of glaciers. The world's mountain ice corresponds to 70 percent of fresh water reserves on the globe; the biggest part of the reserves is concentrated in the Himalayas. It will not be hard for a common person to imagine the scale of the disaster caused with the intensive thawing of mountain glaciers.

Thousands of people will fall victims to raging elemental forces, hundreds of thousands of people will lose their homes and suffer from epidemics of infectious diseases, which will inevitably follow the flood. The catastrophe will presumably hit China, India and South-East Asia on the whole. It goes without saying that a mammoth flood will lead to lamentable economic consequences.

Ecologists say that they can see first vestiges of the forthcoming Flood in certain natural phenomena, which could be observed in the above-mentioned countries during recent several years. They particularly say that high waters in the rivers of China, which killed about 700 people last month was the first sign of the imminent natural disaster.

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Author`s name Olga Savka