Russian scientists to establish origin of Great Flood

Russian researchers from the University of Siberia are planning on proving the theory of Bruce Masse, an environmental archaeologist with Los Alamos National Laboratory, who claims that the Great Flood of 2800 BCE came as a result of Earth’s collision with some heavenly body.

Viacheslav Gusiakov, the laboratory’s director at the Calculus and Mathematical Geophysics Institute, told Interfax that the actual cause of the ancient global catastrophe could be established within a few months as soon the researchers complete their examining of the sand hill samples.

These samples were collected by the international expedition members in the area of difficult access near the Madagascar Island between the Fenambosi and Ampalaza gulfs.

With the help of the satellite images scientists were able to discover at this particular spot the so-called herringbone dunes, which were located far beyond the regular shore dunes but were clearly formed by the rising water flow judging by their design.

The size of one sand dune that stretches out for 40 km from the shore back into the depths of dry land suggests that the wave, which became its source of origin, washed out onto the shore to the distance of few dozens kilometers.

Source: Agencies

Translated by Natalia Vysotskaya

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Author`s name Oksana Anikina