Official contact with aliens to take place within next 4 months

Well-known Brazilian UFO researcher Jan Val Ellam is convinced that by next year humanity will have an official definite contact with the extraterrestrial creatures from other galaxies.

Jan Val Ellam is a bestselling author of 15 books about Spirituality and its connection with Ufology. According to Ellam’s own words he has been maintaining contact with the representatives from the outer space for the past 20 years and taking detailed notes in a special notebook.

It was they who warned him about the earthlings’ upcoming encounter with several alien races some time between November 15, 2006 and April, 2007.

Ellam explained that the aliens are nice and kind beings radically different from humans. The UFO enthusiast also added that the reason our Earth has had no contact with the other galaxies was due to the widespread violence that dominated the planet.

Brazilian UFO Magazine reports that Jan Val Ellam gave specific details of things to happen and made an announcement, "The contact will leave no doubt to anyone in this world that 'they' exist and are watching us. No government, no media, no scientific, religious or military organization will have a chance to deny it."

Ellam admits that his predictions may appear completely absurd, but he again highlighted that his task was simply to serve as a bridge between civilizations.

Source: agencies

Natalia Vysotskaya

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