Beginning of doom for Russia starts in 2014

Authorities in Altai region are perplexed.

According to Klara Kypchakova - a prophetess and a shaman of the seventh generation who is well-known in the area - Russia will face a series of large-scale catastrophes in 2014 because the mummy of princess Ochy-Bala had been recently unearthed.

In 1993 Viacheslav Molodin, a researcher leading archeological work in the Ukok mountain upland region, discovered the princess’ grave and sent her to be examined in Novosibirsk.

The showing of the mummy will take place in Germany in 2007 despite the numerous protests which came not only from the local residents but also from the princess herself, as she was passing her pleas for immediate reburial through the mediums.

It seems that the year 2014 is filled with tragedies not only for Russia.

Michael Drosnin, an author of the book “The Bible Code” makes a prediction about a terrible earthquake that is to happen that same year. According to Drosnin, Japan and Israel will be the ones to suffer from the earthquake because they are encoded in the Biblical passages “End of Days” and “the Final Battle.” offers another gloomy prediction for the mystical year, “Hurricane George makes land fall in Florida and although the storm kills only a few thousand people, the ensuing lack of water or supplies causes a riot and these causes combined kill almost 100,000 before troops are able to restore order and get water and food distribution systems working again.”

Source: agencies

Translated by Natalia Vysotskaya

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Author`s name Oksana Anikina