Enchanted ravine restores years of youth

Fireballs are jumping out from underneath the soil in the Volga region. A wandering ravine in the Moscow area can bring rejuvenation. Invisible monsters attack residents of Perm village. An expert talking to Pravda.ru confirmed that the geopathogenic zones do indeed exist and affect people’s lives.

The Molebka village in Perm region is located in a “deadly spot,” that has been attracting researching psychics for many decades. Iza Novokreshenova, a local resident, tells of a time when she was walking through the forest edge when she stumbled upon something cold, slippery but invisible. The woman leapt aside in panic.

Unfortunately she was not able to by-pass the “enchanted place.” Something frightening was relentlessly following after her, entangling itself at her feet and making her stumble. After some time the weird occurrence passed without anyone’s assistance, and the woman seeking an explanation contacted the geologists. Apparently there was a deep tectonic rift of rocks that passed through the area.

Meridian reports that there are plenty of “enchanted spots” in Russia. There is a ravine in the Volga region prairies which both men and animals try their best to avoid. From time to time balls of fire spring out from underground in the shallows. Approximately one year ago a geologist suffered terrible burns there. He did not survive.

Komiagino village is located not far from the Moscow region’s town Ivanteevk. The local folk insist that another ravine in the nearby forest causes watches to stop and compasses to point falsely. According to the local legend an elderly woman who sees the mysterious ravine will begin looking noticeably younger within a few days. But no one knows for sure where it is located because the say the ravine is in motion and travels from spot to spot throughout the forest.

Animals and plants are extremely sensitive to the dangerous zones. The deadly spots are usually occupied by willows, alders, quaking aspens, oaks, ash trees and elm trees. On the other hand birches, lime trees and most of the pine trees get sick in such areas. In addition cats are at ease in geopathogenic zones while dogs feel anxious and uncomfortable.

Researchers add to the list of these zones subway lines, catacombs and mines. Psychics believe that such zones are creating mortal danger by emitting bizarre radiation. Some experts say that the cause of the jetliner’s crash in Irkutsk on July 9th of this year was the paranormal radiation.

Sergey Gagarin, a bioenergist from Severodvinsk, explained to Pravda.ru that if one were to take the map of Russia and to sweep one’s relaxed hand over the Baikal region in Siberia, the person would feel a certain energetical activity. The answer to the phenomena lies in the fact that a large geopathogenic zone extends from the Baikal Lake to the city of Kyzyl.

Back in December of 1997 another airliner Ruslan crashed in Irkutsk. Special commission concluded that the accident was a result of a “human factor.” However, the physics studying anomalies did not agree with the commission’s findings. They claimed that the airplane crossed into the zone of abnormal energy flow.

Liliya Subin

Translated by Natalia Vysotskaya

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Author`s name Oksana Anikina