Russian settlement still reveals traces of dinosaurs

Farmers and garden owners uncover bones of mammoths and dinosaurs on a regular basis

The settlement of Undory, situated not far from the city of Ulyanovsk, Russia, is a unique place. The ground of the place is in fact the Jura sediment; the natural radiation level is too high there and the ionized air resembles the air high in the mountains. People who grow vegetables and fruits in their private gardens are no longer surprised when their harvest is giant because of the radiation. They explain the phenomenon with the fact that a great number of dinosaurs died in the place long ago. 

Paleontologist Vladimir Yefimov, the founder of the local paleontology museum, says that 140 million of years ago a sea was located in the area; that was a good habitat for ichthyosaurus, plesiosaurus and ichthyosteg – the fish that got out of the sea to the surface. The expert says that he found the skeleton of an unknown pangolin that is now known by the name of undorosaur given to the creature after the name of the place where the skeleton was discovered. By the way, it is not a striking discovery for locals to find bones of a mammoth or a dinosaur that are scattered immediately under the surface all about the place.

Locals in Undory are surprised to know that pre-historical bones or similar finds that are so typical of the settlement can be sold by auction for hundreds of thousands of dollars. People who have gardens and grow vegetables in Undory often come across ammonites, elf-bolts and unique simbirtsit fossils; they have no idea that dinosaurs may become a good source of income for them; they are just tired of this trouble the way other gardeners are tired of Colorado potato beetle. Kitchen gardens situated on the banks of the Volga River are in fact black soil mixed with mica and shells.

A woman from the settlement says that last summer some researchers from Ulyanovsk came to the place to study the phenomenon, and they discovered a whole skeleton of a dinosaur.

The unique mineral of simbirtsit cannot be found anywhere else in the world, but it is abundant in the settlement of Undory. When the mineral is split into parts one can see yellow dots on its sides; the yellow particles are called “the mouse gold.” These minerals are said to be highly radioactive as well. Another peculiarity of the place is the blue clay. People in Undory often speak about mineral sources where water contains high amount of silver. Some even make small swimming pools close to their houses to swim in the mineral water. People say that this swimming is incredibly tonic. 

Earlier PRAVDA.Ru reported about 60,000-year-old mammoth bones uncovered in Russia. Workers that were digging a pit in the ground in the Altay region of Russia, discovered a perfectly preserved skeleton of a mammoth. They did not treat their finding carefully and uncovered the bones with an excavator.

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva