Icon weeps miraculous tears of myrrh

Recently many churchgoers in Volzhsk and Leninsk cathedrals became witnesses of a miracle – the icon of Uriupinsk’s Mother of God  wept tears of myrrh.

This icon is famous because starting in the year 1827, when it was first acquired, thousands of believers were cured of multitudes of diseases and illnesses by simply appealing their cases to it.

However, the icon has not blessed its worshippers with myrrh in the recent years. Not until now.

Both the clergy and the scientists agree on one thing: myrrh tears are a mystery. Experiments have shown that the chemical composition of this substance is impossible to produce artificially.

Meanwhile the icon of Kazan ’s Mother of God in Ilovl shed tears of blood not long ago.

Even though the scientists were not allowed to see the icon itself, they reported after a brief glimpse that the tears did, in fact, appear in those areas of the painting where theoretically the blood vessels would be located on a real face.


Translated by Natalia Vysotskaya

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Author`s name Oksana Anikina