Archeologists uncover cursed Prussian treasure in Kaliningrad's Royal Castle

Scientists found an ancient silver case filled with magic items dated from late Middle Ages

Specialists of the Baltic expedition of the Archaeological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences found a treasure with ultra rare medallions, dated from late Middle Ages. The treasure was found during excavations in the Royal Castle in Russia's Kaliningrad, the chairman of the Baltic expedition, Vladimir Kulakov told Regnum news agency.

One of the archeologists found a small silver case in the western part of the castle. The case was filled with eleven items marked with mystical symbols. The findings included amulets with images of creatures with horns and tails, medallions with Hebrew markings, as well as a gilded seal-ring dotted with magic symbols.

”The seal ring was fixed to the inner surface of the case with an iron lock. It was apparently a ghost-protecting jewel,” Vladimir Kulakov suggested. According to the archeologists, the unique finding can be related to the 16th century, the era of the legendary Paul Skaliha, the advisor of the Prussian duke Albrecht. “The scientific value of this finding is enormous. Even single magic things like those used to be banned in ancient times, but we found a whole set of them,” the scientist emphasized.

The chairman of the archeological group, Anatoly Valuyev, said that archeologists were frightened to find the treasure in the Kaliningrad castle. “The people thought that they uncovered a hiding place with a cursed treasure. I have to say that our KamAZ truck went out of order the next day,” the archeologist said smiling.

The excavations on the site of the ruined Royal Castle are funded by Spiegel magazine, Germany. The city administration of Kaliningrad decided to build and open air museum on the site of archeological excavations. The federal budget assigned 10 million rubles for the project connected with the historical monument in Kaliningrad.

The Royal Castle in Koenigsberg (later renamed to Kaliningrad) was built in the 13th century. The British aviation bombed the castle in August of 1944.

Photo by Regnum

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Author`s name Olga Savka