German Neo-Nazis are chasing after a rare Hitler-bug

German Neo-Nazis are chasing after a rare insect that was named after Adolf Hitler. They even go as far as rob the museums. Meanwhile another plain little bug borrowed its name from US president George Bush.

A beetle with an official title Anophtalmus hitleri has been an object of tremendous fascination among the collectors who show unhealthy interest towards Nazi symbolism. Crazed fans of the German Fuerer’s ideas became so obsessed with pursuing the poor insect that they brought it on the brink of complete disappearance.

The market price for the prepared specimen in the form of a dry six-legged animal is more than a thousand euro. “These bugs are incredibly popular,” says Martin Baer, a biologist from Munich. His words are cited in “Welt.”

The longing to possess such treasure moves certain collectors towards criminal behavior. In the capital of Bavaria a few exemplars of the precious beetle were stolen from a local museum.

The brown eyeless insect with mighty jaws was first discovered by an entomologist Oscar Scheibel in the 1930’s.

Being a passionate fan of the Nazism the researcher named his newly-discovered species after his favorite leader. According to some reports, this entomologist later received a letter of gratitude and appreciation from Berlin , and the insect became publicly known as the “Hitler-bug.”

Meanwhile various political leaders continue to inspire entomologists to this day. A tiny algae-consuming beetle recently discovered in Ohio derived its name Agathidium bushi from the nation’s current president.

Translated by Natalia Vysotskaya

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Author`s name Alex Naumov