Nude or dressed - what is the best?

Nude SunbathingDisputes about nude sunbathing still heated

Some people believe nude swimming is good as it helps get rid of microbes hiding in wet swimming suits and also helps fight complexes. But those who like swimming suits say that they protect the skin from epithelial cancer. In a word, this dispute about the advantages and disadvantages of nude swimming remains heated for many years already, and each of the sides is right in its own way.                                        

Everybody admits that a human comes nude to this world; but there is still much dispute as concerning if people must remain nude all the life long or still put some clothes on. Nudists say that nudity gives people psychological comfort; it helps establish harmonic contact with the nature, feel the body and enjoy it.  

Researches meant to study the effect of swimming suits upon people’s health began 100 years ago and some are still continued. Experts say that wet swimming suits are a perfect shelter for bacteria and microbes. Indeed, it is no good for health to wear wet swimming suits for a long time. So, to avoid genital infections one should practice good hygiene. It should be mentioned however that swimming suits protect the tender skin of genitals and mammary glands from sunrays. And contrary to protests of nudists, there is little chance of having epithelial cancer when sunbathing in a swimming suit.

It you are not ready to be nude on the beach you may sunbathe topless; this tradition is popular in Western Europe and gaining much popularity in Russia either. Doctors say that ultra-violet radiation does no affect mammary glands directly and thus topless sunbathing has nothing to do with breast cancer, they say. But women should know that mammary glands get too hot while topless sunbathing, which in its turn may provoke breast cancer with women who suffer from mastopathy or having non-cancerous growth. Women should visit the doctor to find out if they have any problems in mammary glands before sunbathing topless. Remember that diseases of mammary glands are also dangerous for women having solaria sunbathing.

Swimming suits are the most traditional wear for the beach. On the one hand, a swimming suit opens a great part of the body for sunbathing, and at the same time it protects the most vulnerable parts of the body from sunburns. Find a comfortable and nice swimming suit to have pleasant sunbathing. If a swimming suit is too tight it may cause reproduction problems in the future.

It is perfectly obvious that people should take their outer clothing off to have the body ventilated and avoid a heat stroke. So, choose that type of beach clothing that you feel comfortable.

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva