Regular walking helps women avoid cancer

Walking helps avoid brest cancerReasonable physical activity or just 30-minutes walking considerably help avoid breast cancer.

It has always been traditionally believed that physical activity is good prophylaxis against cancer; today, recent researches reveal that walking is also a perfect medical treatment. Experts state that in case women who went through breast cancer are still very active, they thus may avert death because of the disease and their life-style improves.

It is not yet clear why physical activity is that effective, however the phenomenon has given rise to several hypotheses. One thing is for sure is that physical exercises are safe and effective in the postoperative period. Active people suffer from various diseases, including heart diseases, hypertension, osteoporosis and diabetes much seldom. Many people believe that physical activity may help prevent development of breast cancer, large intestine cancer, uterus cancer, kidney and gullet cancers.

Doctors recommend doing physical exercises for at least 45 minutes a day within 5 days of the week. Probably, when food goes quicker along the intestines this helps avoid growths there. Exercises help reduce the amount of adipose cells that produce oestrogen, the hormone provoking breast cancer, and thus relieve people of the cancer risk.

The research started in 1976; since that time over 122 thousand women were examined in the framework of the research. Experts estimated physical activity with 2.167 women who were diagnosed with breast cancer. After 16 years of the expert examination, it turned out that in most cases active women managed to survive despite of their terrible diagnoses. Majority of them preferred walking as reasonable and easy physical activity. The risk of dying of cancer dropped by 25 per cent with women who walked for 1-3 hours a week, and by 50 per cent with those patients who walked within 3-8 hours.
Besides, researchers also studied the effect of physical activity upon the risk of uterus cancer development (the disease is widely spread among US women). The incidence of uterus cancer doubled in China since 1970. A research covering 832 women was conducted in China. As it turned out, the risk of uterus cancer is 30 per cent less with active women.

It is known that physical activity improves the inflammatory response, the one connected with the risk of heart diseases. Researchers estimated the level of C-reactive protein, the inflammatory marker, with stout elderly women. The showing reduced by 20 per cent with those stout patients who did their physical exercises regularly. Experts estimated the result as reduction of inflammation, which in its turn means less risk of heart and vessels cancer.

So, walking is a wonderful way for women to improve their cardiovascular systems and avoid cancer.

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva