Doctors insert titanium plates in dog's broken legs

The dog was afraid of walking on his rear legs after the operation, when stitches healed

Alexander Vvedensky, a doctor of an animal hospital from the Russian city of Novorosiisk, came across a dog, which was lying motionlessly on a wayside and looked more dead than alive. The rear legs of the poor animal were broken. With pitiful whining, the dog was trying to crawl on its front paws.

Alexander took the dog to the place of his work. The situation was rather serious: the X-ray examination showed bone fractures of the two legs and two fractures of pelvis bones. Nevertheless, Alexander and his colleagues, Larisa Bulgakova and Natalia Leonova, decided to operate the dog.

It took the veterinary surgeons four hours of hard work to put the bones of the dog's legs together. The doctors inserted two titanium plates and 13 stainless screws in the animal's legs. The dog, which the doctors called as Gavrik, was recovering from the operation slowly but surely.

The dog was afraid of walking on his rear legs after the operation, when stitches healed. The animal even learned to use its front paws only, like circus dogs do. After that Gavrik started using both his front and rear extremities.

”One may say that the dog has quite a favorable perspective. It will probably have to live with metal in the paws for the rest of its life, but the legs will definitely be working,” Alexander Vvedensky said.

Gavrik already enjoys his new happy living: the animal has an affair with a female dog at the vet station, Dashka.

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Author`s name Olga Savka