Clairvoyance and telepathy is common with every manchild

According to some scholars, all newborns are endowed with at least seven faculties including clairvoyance and telepathy. However, those two amazing abilities vanish without a trace within seven or eight years. Why does the power of foreseeing and understanding the future without any reasoning or verbal process disappear? Despite the numerous evidence of foreseeing on record, no reasonable answer to the question has been given so far.

Once I could not locate some important document at my home. I was searching high and low for it but all to no avail. Suddenly my 5-year-old son smiled and told me: “The paper you’re looking for sits in the kitchen, near the TV set.” And then I remembered clearly that I had put it there myself. How on earth could my little one know about it? He was not around at the time.

“We use the words ‘intuition’ and ‘presentiment’ pretty often as we discuss different subjects,” says Prof. Vladimir Vorobyev, senior researcher at the Center of Mental Health under the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. “At times we use them to explain our actions: ‘I did such and such thing because it felt as if I knew I should do it.’ What is that? Is it the sixth sense or just gibberish? Scientists have long been trying to solve the mystery but sop far all their efforts have ended in failure,” says Vorobyev.

“Many a scientist in different parts of the world, the USSR inclusive, were involved in the study of the phenomenon of foresight. A research laboratory was set up in Moscow at the end of the 1970s. The institution worked under the auspices of the Institute of Human Brain Studies under the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. Back then, we examined lots of ‘seers’ at our laboratory. Most of them turned out to be ordinary swindlers. However, a few patients seem to have been endowed with the ability to see the future and foretell events they could know nothing about. I remember one Olga Dubrova, she was 35 years old, a resident of the city of Penza. She arrived in Moscow paying for a train ticket out of her own pocket. She seemed pretty desperate when she turned up in our office one morning. Holding back her tears, she told us that her life became a nightmare. She just couldn’t talk to people in a normal way because at some point she could see the way that person would die. Or she could read her neighbor’s mind as the old lady walked past her smiling radiantly.

To reveal the abilities of our patients we used a testing technique patented by American psychologist George Rhine. We would use 25 cards of the same back, each card bearing a specific image at the front: a cross, a star, a circle, a dotted line etc. A patient would be asked to guess the image on a card drawn at random. Probability theory says an ordinary person can guess one card out of five. People with extraordinary abilities can guess five cards out of five.

The experiment comprised several stages. The stage one involved a doctor holding a patient’s hand. The doctor knew the image on a card stuck in his other hand. Olga would close her eyes and sit still for the following three or five minutes. Then she would open her eyes and tell the doctor what the image was on the card. She would elaborate by saying that she saw a clear picture over a black background. The second stage of the experiment required two doctors, a card, and a patient. One doctor with a card would hold the other doctor’s hand. The other doctor would hold the hand of a potentialseer.More personscouldbe used for making a human chain as long as required. The more persons make up a chain, the more difficult it gets for a patient to guess the image. The doctor with a card should always be the last person in a chain. We carried out the second stage of the experiment several times.

In the end, Olga would suffer from a splitting headache and bouts of severe coughing but she would guess the image right in most cases.

We thought a contact-free stage of the experiment would be the most difficult part. However, Olga could find the correct answer much faster even when nobody was ‘tipping her off.’

We arrived at even more astounding results while running a series of experiments with children. We tested fifteen hundred kids aged from 3 to 5. The results of the experiments were by 27% higher than average probable results. It’s quite noteworthy that the younger the child is, the higher ‘mark’ he gets.

Very young children show the miracles of clairvoyance. Here’s the story reported by Irina Petrakova from the city of Saratov. Her child was sleeping in a baby carriage near the door of a store Irina dropped by to do some shopping. Her child was normally a very calm creature. But that time he behavior was rather weird. The baby started screaming like mad a minute after his mother walked into the store. Irina got back and calmed him down. But the baby burst out crying again once his mom stepped back into the store. He was crying at the top of his voice. Irina got scared and took her son out of the carriage and pressed him against her bosom. No sooner had she done it, a drunk driver failed to pull over his car and it knocked the carriage off.”

Richard Feinman, a great U.S. physicist and Nobel Prize winner, came upwith his own explanation of the incredible cases of coincidence normally explained by an act of intuition. The thing is that we tend to forget an event we intuit if it never becomes a reality. We memorize coincidences only. We could arrive at a pretty standard random variable if we divide all cases of coincidence by the number of predictions that failed to materialize. Being a true scientist, Feinman never denied the possibility of existence of some mysterious sense we still know nothing about.

According to Andrei Lundin, doctor of physicomathematical sciences, there is still an explication behind the breathtaking card experiments, which does not require any hypotheses of unknown senses. Scientists who conduct such experiments are usually certain of their own abilities to tell a scientific fact from the sleight of hand. But things are quite different. Rosa Kuleshova claimed to have “eyes” in her palms of her hands. She managed to fool several commissions of experts who were on the payroll of the USSR Academy of Sciences. As it turned out, the above lady did have a remarkable talent. She was a skillful peeping artist. Kuleshova was eventually disclosed by magicians who reproduced her tricks easily. Therefore, a card-guessing experiment should be verified by a professional card player who should witness the procedure from start to finish. There is no point in estimating the probability of guesswork when such verification is not available. Still, the possibility of supersensory perception can not be ruled out. We have not yet got solid evidence indicating the existence of some mysterious sense, be it sixth or twenty sixth.

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Translated by Guerman Grachev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov