Chocolate proves to be pleasant and effective medication

Chocolate contains a lot of biological agents; this explains its effect upon the human organism

British chocolate makers arrived at a conclusion that chocolate is a good remedy for women, particularly those suffering from premenstrual syndrome and depressions. They suggest that chocolate treatment must be free and organized on the governmental level. If chocolate is actually so effective, this sort of therapy would help install peace in many families and abolish energizers. However, much research is required before chocolate treatment is introduced on the governmental level.

Ancient Aztecs already knew about the unusual nature of a beverage made using cocoa beans. Spanish conquistadors learnt the recipe of chocolate from Aztecs, just substituting red pepper with vanilla in it, and brought “the bitter water” (this is the Aztec phrase for the English “chocolate”) to the Old World.

Today, we have chocolate radically differing from that invented by Aztecs. But still, real chocolate is basically made of cocoa beans and cocoa butter. The chocolate calorie content is 300-450 calories per 100g, and even 55-600 calories if flavored with nuts, milk and others.

Carbohydrates make half of a chocolate bar, fat makes 32-35 per cent of it, 5-6 per cent – protein and the rest are tanning agents, caffeine, sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron and B1, B2 and PP vitamins. The military are perfectly aware of the chocolate energy and use it in the ration of armies participating in war operations.

Chocolate contains a lot of biological agents; this explains its effect upon the human organism. Let is take serotonin for example: it is called “the happiness hormone” because it raises the spirits. Thus, it is effective for treating depressions.

Bitter chocolate is good for blood vessels. Researchers state that a bit of chocolate every day improves activity of blood vessels with healthy people. Cocoa components are also good for the cardiovascular system, as they widen heart and brain vessels and also bronchi. Chocolate with high cocoa content, over 70 per cent, is good for brain activity.

But in spite of all the advantages, chocolate may produce a negative effect either: the same biological agents that widen vessels may cause sick headache, a serious and still incurable disease. Academician Wein states that chocolate is the key agent provocateur of the disease, especially with children. An attack of sick headache may last for up to 24 hours.

Contrary to the common opinion, there is no allergy to chocolate; if there is some allergic reaction after eating chocolate, it is the reaction to some flavoring added to some chocolate bars. This may be cow milk that is known as one of the strongest allergens; it is a component of milk chocolate. Nuts and fruit flavorings may be such allergens as well.

Full-bodied people must remember that chocolate is a high-energy product. Nobody has ever said that he lost weight sticking to a chocolate diet. On the contrary, all diets strongly recommend to give up chocolate.

Researchers have dispelled another myth about the damages that chocolate causes to teeth. It has been estimated that cocoa butter envelops teeth with some sort of a protective film and protects enamel from damages. As far as chocolate contains sugar, it may be dangerous for people suffering from diabetes. These people may eat special sorts of chocolate made with xylite and sorbite.

So, all the recent researches have demonstrated that chocolate is a really positive product. If you feel not well or apathetic, try chocolate and may be it will prove to be an effective remedy. Remember that real chocolate is made of cocoa beans and cocoa butter; if one of the components is not included into a product, it is a sweet bar or something like this. Take care if food additions to the chocolate, E-marked additions first of all, are safe or not. E-16 and E-17 additions are already prohibited in Russia and the European Union.

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Author`s name Olga Savka