Liposuction fights fat not excessive weight

Plastic surgery is not always an effective method to make perfect figure strong health

Clinics often promise to help people grow thin once and for all for a really high price. Doesn't it sound absurd? In fact, there are people desperately trying to grow thin who are ready to use any method. Unfortunately, ads of this type discredit good plastic surgeons and even pose a real threat for clients. Any lady wishing to do plastic surgery to grow thin must first of all realize that a plastic surgeon cannot make a slender woman out of a plump one. Liposuction is a good operation for people having normal weight, not for those with excessive weight. 

In fact, liposuction is meant to correct and make look better the outline of your body. There are several reasons why people put on weight. Often, fat gets accumulated on internal organs, and liposuction is not the procedure that may help get rid of this fat. Liposuction destroys hypodermic fat as a result of which the relief of body gets better.

A woman having a normal S/M size with normal weight but with rather plump hips can resort to liposuction. Plastic surgeons in this case will help make a better hipline. This is a good method either for improving problem waistline, inside hips and knees, also double chin. Liposuction cannot help get rid of 10-15 kg of excessive weight.

Doctors emphasize that just up to 2 kg of adipose tissue can be sucked out of body without any risk. Otherwise, the organism may “fall into panic” and immediately increase the amount of remaining fat cells. Each of us has a definite amount of fat cells; when we grow thin or put on weight, these fat cells change their volume, not the number. So, if surgeons suck more than two kilogram of fat tissue during liposuction, patients may grow even plumper or put on weight even more as a result of a reverse reaction.

At the same time, doctors do not guarantee that patients will never put on weight after they have liposuction. They will inevitably put on weight in case do no physical exercises and keep up to no special diet. This is true that parts of the body where liposuction was done will in the future be a hard target for accumulation of new fat.

Cellulitis with women is one of the symptoms of excessive fat. After liposuction, blood and lymphatic vessels feel relieved of excessive fat. This makes skin look better. In this case, physical exercises and rational food are important to maintain the organism in the new good condition. Ladies should remember that high heels and tight clothes upset lymph outflow; this in its turn may some day provoke new cellulitis on hips.

Liposuction may be done starting with the age of 20. The operation will be successful when the skin is still rather elastic and better recovers after operations. If a patient is old enough and has inelastic skin, the result of liposuction will be worse than it might be at the patient's age of 30.

It is not the age but well-weighted decision of a patient that is the key factor for an operation. It may happen so that the result of an operation will be far from the one you expect to have. Indeed, it is rather difficult to predict how the soft tissues may behave in this or that particular case. It is also important to know that a rehabilitation period may last from 2 to 4 weeks after liposuction. During rehabilitation, patients must wear compression underwear.

Liposuction may sometimes be performed together with other operations (for instance, liposuction of double chin together with plastic surgery on face).
Liposuction is forbidden for clients suffering from diabetes, endocrine adiposity and problems with skin flexibility.

Ninety per cent of patients undergoing liposuction are women and the rest ten per cent are men.

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Author`s name Olga Savka